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  • K. Lockwood
    This little light really produces a lot of light for its small size, this is one of the easiest way to decorate outside for holidays, this light give you many different color options for each holiday, we are using it for Halloween decorating right now and lit looks great lighting up front part of our house making it look like a haunted house with out decorations, for Halloween we are using the purple light color and looks awesome, I found the remote does not work very well unless you are right by the light, it does not bother me but I just wanted to let others know who might be interested in that feature, a plus to this light being led is it doesn't get hot, I plan on buying a few more of these as they are worth the price

    Jul 21,2018

  • Roger Swearingen
    I bought several party disco balls in my life and I've always wanted to find one that I can turn off the strobe effect, the remote control independently controls the bluetooth speaker from the lighting effects, I had a similar light with a built in bluetooth speaker thay tried to connect to a device every time I turned it on, it was the same size and price as the party light here, i'm very happy with my purchase

    Oct 15,2017

  • ziliang
    This lamp is great and I like all the different lighting settings that it provides, because I use it mostly on my desk I keep the light on the brightest setting, I am pleased that the LED lights do not produce many shadow lines where I normally do my writing, I had an LED light previous to this one that no matter where I positioned the shade it always had many shadow lines

    Oct 05,2018

  • Pluto
    My daughter wanted colorful lights to light up the whole room and these were the perfect lights, lights up the whole room but small and easy to use, you just have to plug it in and it has a remote to adjust color projection

    May 26,2018

  • Jonathan L
    I got it because ambient light is calming as we try to sleep, usually this is done with looking at phones or television - but this little light ball has given us another option that is easier for the eyes in the dark

    Apr 27,2018

  • C Cross
    Excellent and one of the few three way LED bulbs that I have located, it fits a standard light socket, the light definitely appears a little more white than the bulb it replaced but it is great for reading

    Oct 27,2018

  • marnstein
    This light preformed all my other light that cost double the price !! The size it great and the led light are very sharp and clear this light would great for a pub, or a large ball room

    Dec 20,2017

  • Dinesh R.
    It is a little LED inside, ya it can work for you in a small dark room shooting on a Disco ball, it did work but it become so light that I couldn't use it efficiently

    Apr 12,2018

  • Lexie Thompson
    The pin spot light was bright enough to give a great effect, it turned a hum-drum party into a PARTAY !! All our guest raved about how cool the disco ball was

    Nov 01,2017

  • Rickmech
    It gives a pleasing soft whiter color and its coverage is more even though the light from both LED and old school can still show some rings

    Oct 12,2018