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  • Ira Nicholas
    Awesome Costumer Service!!!
    Great quality, robust, bright, fun, you might want to burn your house down rather than go in your bathroom ever again, cheap! Very bright, even in a bit really dark room it makes lint on my beige carpet light up extremely well. Because this is 390-410nm it's not the greatest for most rock collecting. Most rocks fluoresce under shortwave (254nm), and while some rocks fluoresce under longwave, longwave for rock collectors is 365nm. This a nery good product, high recommently.

    Jul 04,2019

  • Mavis Richards
    It works well
    Works very well in the dark at night. I close the blinds during the day to vacuum up food particles dropped by my toddler using the black light and I can see just fine. It has helped me locate and clean several, actually 14 pee stains from my dogs. Restoring my house to the condition it was in before dogs should be an easier job now that I have this as a guide.

    Jul 08,2019

  • Griffith Timothy
    Does it's job. No complaints
    It was shocking to see the things you can't see with the naked eye. Things that can't be "unseen" will never look at your home the same. It worked great for showing all types of things that were spilled, dripped, etc. on the I need to get the carpet cleaning service to our house ASAP!

    Jul 10,2019

  • Judy Effie
    Works great!
    I bought it to charge up glow-in-the-dark toys for kids, and also to spot scorpions when I'm camping. It works very well for both - a few seconds on a glow-in-the-dark surface gives a bright glow. On a nighttime walk, you can spot a scorpion from about 20 feet away.

    Jul 08,2019

  • Superb UV light at great price!! Works on jade!
    This is some of the bestgear from Gear Best! I love UV flashlights and for a every day carry light at a low price this is the one.Please make it rechargeable with a removable tail cap 5*****
    Long lasting, smooth filter can see things that
    Fluoresce from 5 ft away easy. Get one for a gift or yourself to find scorpions, minerals and organic substances.

    Sep 09,2019

  • Антон
    Неплохой уф-фонарик
    Приехал быстро, светит намного лучше шрота на мелких светодиодиках. Правда брендирован не Utorch, а Alfawise, из-за это снимаю одну звезду. Поспрашиваю саппорт, может пробьют, подделка или просто ребренд, в зависимости от результатов, изменю оценку.

    Sep 03,2019