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  • jae soo kim
    The product is great and for the price, the pressure sensitivity feels wonderful and feels really lifelike, just that when you go from conventional art to the tablet, you realize pretty quickly that it doesn't have the feel you are accustomed to and that drawing on the screen feels like drawing on glass with a ballpoint pen, great tablet and well worth its price tag

    May 08,2018

  • Angela Cormier
    Really happy with this Graphics tablet, i have used a couple Wacom tablets in the distant past and they were all much smaller with less features so I can't really compare, i just know that this one works great it has a large surface, nice pressure sensitive pen and and a great price

    Jan 04,2018

  • Danielle Priebe
    Far this has been a great product to use, the pen is easy to use and the pressure sensitivity is working well, i downloaded all the latest drivers from the site and didn't use anything that came with the product, overall I'm very happy with this purchase

    Jul 25,2018

  • Terpen
    She really wanted this tablet since it was cheaper than any Wacom tablet that is equal in size and had more features than her older one, my daughter tells me that this graphic tablet is excellent quality and well worth the investment

    Feb 26,2018

  • Khalid
    The pen its comfortable and works really well, it is easy to transport because it came with the small bag and due to its light weight, the only con I can think of is that the protection glove is a little big

    Jun 20,2018

  • Fernando Cabral
    Mesa de luz a excelente preço
    Por cerca de um terço do preço habitual de um equipamento equivalente, esta mesa de luz é 100% funcional e ocupa pouco espaço. Já recomendei pessoalmente profissionais de desenho e ilustração.

    Dec 13,2018

  • Teacherfriend
    I'm pretty new to digital art, the pressure sensitivity is great, the pen is lightweight and holds a charge for a very long time, it feels like drawing with a ballpoint pen or pencil to me

    Apr 27,2018

  • sam somphet
    This product is very great, the only issues I had with it was the buttons are all the same so sometimes I zoom in accidentally when I mean to undo etc.

    Mar 23,2018

  • leidy
    Really good size, pen is smooth, sensitivity for it works great, all the buttons are easy to set up and work like they should

    Mar 08,2018

  • K. Lockhart
    No idea why anyone would pay more for other products when this one is perfect at a much lower price point

    Dec 18,2017