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  • Sand
    Good build quality
    First of all, these glasses are the 6th generation. The overall quality is good, but if your phone does have HD screen and is 5.2 inches screen, you may see some borders and more importantly, you will see pixels. So, I'll recommend the use of wide-screen 6 inches ultra-HD phones for better experience.
    It's also important to have these glasses well configured, so when you download the Google cardboard app, search the Web for shinecon vr qr code to improve your viewing experience.
    For videos, they are good glasses. For gaming, I can't say anything yet because it is needed a controller.
    The phone fit is a bit tricky but don't worry, it won't press any buttons since is held with a spring on the opening lid, in the back of the phone.
    The sound quality is very good actually I am surprised with the bass!
    Also, don't forget to remove the lenses protective plastic foil :)

    Nov 22,2018

  • Mike Michelle
    I'm loving the 3D headset
    I like lying on the bed to play games, and this VR headset is wonderful for me. I put my smartphone into it, and use Bluetooth gamepad to control. It's like entering the battlefield and fighting in person. I like the feeling so much. What's more, though I'm a myopia, I don't need to wear glasses at all. The screen can be moved nearer!!! To my surprise, I don't feel that my eyes are uncomfortable after playing for hours in a row.

    Feb 20,2019

  • Cos Monroy
    Excelentes Gafas económicas
    El sonido es excelente. Perfectamente cabe casi cualquier teléfono móvil (mediano) y se ajustan bien. Las correas tienen velcro para el ajuste de la cabeza.
    La caja llegó un poco golpeada pero las gafas vienen intactas.
    No tiene ventilación interior, Fuera de eso todo funciona correctamente.

    Jun 27,2018

  • Gaby
    A bit disappointed
    To be honest I expected more. These glasses need more focus adjustement for my phone (xiaomi mi A1 or 5x). I was dissapointed because I didn't find the QR code for google cardboard app. Many VR glasses come with a QR code somewhere. I found an universal one on the internet, but It doesn't work that well. Maybe they simply don't match with my phone and the image is a bit out of focus, because the adjustments do not have enough range.

    Apr 01,2019

  • Kobe_C
    The image is impressive and overwhelming, like in a theater with a super large screen. The 3D VR headset is comfortable, I don't feel like being smothered in any cases. And it is great to use it when I am commuting on the bus and subway after work.

    Mar 08,2019

  • ISSU
    VR SHINECON G04E 7. generációs 3D fejhallgató házimozi játéküvegek
    Damage free, good quality, good price. Can be used with other tools without any problems. I'm completely satisfied. Thanks.

    Sérülés mentes, jó minőség, jó ár. Gond nélkül használható más eszközökkel is. Teljes mértékben elégedett vagyok. Köszönöm.

    Apr 04,2019

  • Morris oO
    Comfortable, adjustable, and perfect fit
    Wonderful! Everyone in my family likes using the headset to watch 3D movies. It helps us to save a lot on ticket fees. We like it more than our HDTV. Easy to use, and fit for everyone :)
    p.s. VR SHINECON App is not working currently, but I prefer using YouTube VR to watch 3D movies.

    Feb 27,2019

  • Dama
    Bien reçu
    Salut, je viens de recevoir mon produit en très bonne état. fonctionne très bien, un bon produit vue son prix pas le meilleur produit, mais c'est une bonne expérience, je l’ai utiliser ça marche très bien.
    Pas vraiment un excellent produit mais vue son prix ça ira.

    Jul 19,2018

  • Dmytro Zakharchenko
    sound is surprisingly good. no distortions at least.
    the downside is that there is no qr code on the box. i found some on the internet.
    this qr code fixes most apps

    Aug 08,2019

  • Huckberry
    Great choice for watching movies and playing games
    I don't think a TV or TV box is necessary for a bachelor. VR is the future. Movies and games become more immersive. The build quality is great. And I like the idea of VR travel! Guys, you won't be disappointed to have this headset.

    Mar 05,2019