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  • Rosemarie
    It kept us dry and warm and I thought I wanted to buy the same tent for myself until I came accross this tent, It can easily be done by one person while your little campers `` help'', I did spring for better stakes to hold it down -LRB- the coleman upgrade stakes fit PERFECTLY into the slots -RRB-, The review that sold me was a video review that stated they would use this tent more often than their expensive tents because of ease of use, it is obviously not a backpacking tent but it does come in a nice duffle bag so can easily be carried by an adult from you car to the campsite

    Sep 25,2018

  • Amy J. Hamblin
    I bought this tent for car camping and so far am very pleased, It is very roomy and my wife and I were able to put a queen sized air mattress along with our dog's crate with tons of room to spare for storing other things we brought along, The floor is sturdy but I would still suggest putting a tarp underneath as a makeshift footprint, We have experienced rain in this tent and so far it hasn't gotten us wet, The hinged door is very convenient and set up was quite simple, Getting the tent back intot he bag is exceptionally difficult but I don't know what tent isn't

    Dec 05,2018

  • snowbound
    This tent is awesome !!!! My husband and I needed a larger tent for our growing family and this tent had all of the features we were looking for, but we were pleasantly surprised at how easy and quickly this tent went up, There aren't any of those stupid break apart bendy poles -LRB- except for the hinged door feature -RRB- and it seems incredibly sturdy, The screened entry is also a great feature and really helps prevent bugs from getting into the sleeping area, Plus ... it's a Coleman and you really can't go wrong with a Coleman

    Oct 17,2018

  • H.Howard
    The good stuff first - the main reason we bought this tent was for the space, having sleeping stuff separate from where we are trying to hang out with three kids was a must and this delivers, The learning curve for set up is I think similar to other tents, this held up great through three nights and a day of some very heavy down pores, The wind wasn't fierce so I can't speak to that, this tent went back into the bag in came in easier than I thought

    Oct 07,2018

  • Cutie Kazmira
    there's enough material to wrap you up -LRB- like a delicious human burrito -RRB- to protect from the elements, The material is VERY breathable, This is WONDERFUL on a hot summer day, If you're using this for camping in cooler weather, you'll definitely want to combine it with a sleeping bag to keep warm, It's a really impressive hammock for a really impressive price

    Sep 10,2018

  • Raymond M Jr..
    This tent is great for the price, Closing all the vents in the winter helps keep some warmth in but I would invest in a good sleeping bag if you are expecting low temperatures, The is also a weather-tec feature which I really like, It definitely helps make the tent rainproof because the tent seams are stitched on the inside of the tent rather than the outside

    Oct 06,2018

  • Gong Xue
    My tent arrived a few days ago and was a little difficult to assemble as it was my first tent in quite a few years, The tent assembled tent is very spacious and provides plenty of space for all of gear -LRB- myself included -RRB-, You should definitely use this tent with a pad -LRB- even if you have a sleeping bag -RRB- Overall its a great tent and I would recommend it

    Sep 01,2018

    This is a good basic backpack that provides both comfort and capacity, Many packs have just one big space for storage but this one has a terrific sleeping bag compartment and compression straps, Their are exterior pockets and plenty of loops, This comes with both a rain fly and bright gold rain cover

    Sep 10,2018

  • Dustin Burich
    I've never used a pad or mat before when camping when I was younger -LRB- we usually just brought pillows and a thick sleeping bag -RRB-, but for the price I thought it was pretty comfortable when combined with a decent sleeping bag, you have to think relative to the price and for the price I paid for this pad

    Aug 28,2018

  • Seth Feeler
    This is a very good bag and if they would just fix the problem with the sleeping bag compartment being so small it would be excellent, I would recommend this to anyone as long as you're aware that's a sleeping bag compartment is too small to fit most sleeping bags, Great product but not a five star

    Sep 19,2018