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Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM
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Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM

- Preto 298805001

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Principais características:

● Sistema duplo SLAM, navegação inteligente com giroscópio + aplicação de sensor de posicionamento PSD, posicionamento preciso, planejamento abrangente

● O motor sem escovas BLDC proporciona uma sucção mais forte, maior eficácia de trabalho e maior tempo de trabalho que os motores normais

● Super sucção, 1300pa no modo de limpeza principal, pode absorver facilmente poeira e cabelo

● O controle remoto é mais conveniente para controlar, proporcionando modos opcionais de borda / spot / planejamento para liberar as mãos

● Recarga automática ao terminar o trabalho ou em baixa potência, também suporta carga direta através do painel de controle ou controle remoto

● A bateria de iões de lítio incorporada de 2600mAh fornece energia suficiente para o robô trabalhar durante 90 - 120 minutos

● 19,1 cm de comprimento da escova de rolo, a mais longa da indústria e a melhor taxa de folga

● Direcionado para lidar com uma variedade de poeira em terrenos diferentes, limpe profundamente a abertura do piso e alongue a escova dupla

● Função de travessia obstáculo 1,5 centímetros, pode subir uma inclinação íngreme de 15 graus

● Todos os tipos de pisos de casa, tapetes, telhas, pode ser perfeitamente adaptado


Detalhes do Produto

Marcas: Alfaviar
Modelo: V8S
Tipos de Limpador: Aspirador de pó
Tipos de Acessórios: Caixote de lixo,Filtro,Controle remoto,Escova rolante,Escova lateral
Função: Sucção,Varrer,Vácuo
Características: Auto,Controle remoto,Auto-carregamento
Controle Remoto: sim
Self Recharging: sim
Climb Capability: 1,5 cm
Cleaning Modes: Borda, Ponto, Planejamento
Dust Box Capacity: 350 ml
Suction (pa): 880 - 1300Pa
Noise (dB): Menos do que 65dB
Tempo de Carregamento: 4 a 6 horas
Tempo de Funcionamento: 90 a 120 minutos

Informações da Bateria

Tipo de Bateria: Bateria de iões de lítio
Capacidade de Bateria: 2600mAh

Dimensão e Peso

Peso do Produto: 2,6000 kg
Peso do Pacote: 4.7260 kg
Tamanho do Produto(L x W x H): 47,00 x 37,70 x 15,30 cm / 18,5 x 14,84 x 6,02 polegadas

Conteúdos do Pacote

Conteúdo do Pacote: 1 x Aspirador de Pó Robô, 2 x Par de Escovas Laterais, 1 x Escova de Cabelo, 1 x Controle Remoto, 1 x Adaptador, 1 x Base de Carregamento

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

Alfawise V8S Aspirador Dual SLAM - Preto

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Análises de Clientes

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  • Wilan
    great vacuum
    My rating 9.5 / 10

    I was a little afraid if I was doing the right thing by choosing this vacuum cleaner, because everyone only those Ilifes and Xiaomi were recommending, and this model was not known for much.

    After a few uses, I must say that I am very happy :) I took the half point for not being able to program the time when the cleaning is to start ... but this is not a problem because the vacuum cleaner is quiet and all the cleaning is around 60m2 (panels and tiles) It takes about 30-40 minutes after which the vacuum cleaner ends. It communicates with a pleasant music :) and then returns to the charging station (if it is not too far) or to the place where he started work.

    He drives in a very orderly way from wall to wall (he has other modes that I did not need to check), if he omits some area, he can easily go back to it and finish cleaning there. He does not travel around the whole area only after the fragment he has not cleaned up before. If he encounters an obstacle, he touches the delicate curve until he can continue on a straight line.

    Out of curiosities: at one cleaning, the material got into the main brush and blocked its work. At this point the vacuum cleaner stopped and informed in English that "I need to clean it". voice prompts are also at the beginning / end of work and when charging.

    Overall, I sincerely recommend. If you have additional questions, I will be happy to answer them.


    Jan 12,2019

  • Lukas
    Alfawise v8s
    Robot Alfawise V8S
    Bought a few days ago
    After a week of use I can confidently say that this is a vacuum cleaner which I needed :) The wife is also happy :)
    The vacuum cleaner does not ride chaotically, it actually moves like a "string" carefully picking up what is on the floor, also at the edges of furniture and walls. Emptying the container is not difficult, easy access.
    It has a remote control that has basic start, stop, power, right, left, front and back buttons
    Cleaning at the edges and return to the charging station.
    Apartment 60m2 where
    I also have carpets with which I manage without a problem, even the dark carpet is not lost.
    The price for which it was bought is PLN 520
    This price is not small, but it is not too big for this type of equipment :)
    I was worried about how to handle the room where the table and chairs are standing, but he managed, I gently pushed back the chairs and passed by :)
    I also had concerns about the accessories: /
    But I found out from Alfawise CS. that they will soon be available for sale.
    I am very happy with this robot
    I can confidently recommend it to all those who hesitate in what to choose in this price range.
    I hope that this opinion will help in choosing this robot.
    If you have any questions, please contact me
    I will reply as soon as I can :)

    Jan 20,2019

  • szatmarip
    I like it!
    The vacuum cleaner is better as expected. Working very well on wooden floor and tiled floor. It has problems with the shaggy carpets, you have to be there because sometimes it get stuck on this surfaces. But it is acceptable, I think there is no robot vacuum cleaner that can handle this situation better. The gyroscope is working, it is not working as silly as the ordinary robots, it works methodical. Almost as a robot with laser scanner. The only drawback I can mention is the lack of programmed working schedule.

    I already have ordered the second one as a gift for my elder father. Very good bang for your buck.

    Mar 22,2019

  • Stephenson
    Great robotic vacuum cleaner at low cost
    The V8S comes in at half the cost of the 4-year-old Roomba that we previously used and out of the box, after a full nights charge, it worked flawlessly. The remote is easy to use and after a 2-minute look-over of the manual the thing just WORKS. The V8S did it on the first attempt and has done it daily (unless it gets stuck somewhere) ever since. The V8S is much slimmer than the Roomba so it is able to navigate some areas that were previously left untouched. The dust bin is always full or near full when we get home and check it, so it definitely is doing its job trying to keep up with our two large dogs and their fur.

    Nov 03,2018

  • Tomasz
    Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dual SLAM
    I ordered the goods on February 19, I received on March 8.The robot arrived very well packaged.What can I say about the product itself, it seems to me that, at such a price, it is a very good quality product. It works very well in all types of dirt, very high power which makes it competitive with other vacuum cleaners of this kind. After 3 days of testing, I must say that IS SUPER. Hair after dog, it draws in everything. The threshold is no obstacle for him.I recommend this product with a clear conscience.

    Mar 10,2019

  • FrancisBenoir
    Low-noise and high-performance
    I've been in the market for a robovac for quite some, and, after a recent back surgery, vacuuming manually wasn't easy. I purchased this vacuum and have been very pleased with it. Its slim design gets under the dressers, beds, other furniture, and all the tight spaces that I couldn't get to with an upright vacuum cleaner. This makes a very low sound while in use, and honestly, I don't even realize it's operating, as the sound is pleasant (not loud at all).

    Nov 07,2018

  • John
    Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dual SLAM
    Najlepszy odkurzacz w tej cenie. Planowe sprzątanie, wysoka moc silnika, duży pojemnik na kurz i do tego tanie akcesoria. Ciekawy, godny uwagi i dobrze wykonany odkurzacz. Bardzo dobry stosunek jakości do ceny, polecam wszystkim.

    Jan 26,2019

  • Oliveira
    Aspirador muito prático
    Aspirador muito prático para limpar a sua casa.
    Não vai substituir a limpeza semanal, mas vai fazer com que haja menos lixo na sua casa. Pelo preço recomendo é uma mais valia. Inclusive pode acabar de jantar e em vez de perder tempo a limpar a cozinha manda ele limpar enquanto arruma a loiça, ou faz outras coisas...

    O único problema que tem, é que não consigo fazer com que trabalhe mais de 50m seguidos, precisa de carregar.
    Como ele anuncia 90m a 120m de trabalho, neste aspecto fiquei decepcionado!

    Jan 29,2019

  • kulasz
    Paczka bardzo szybko dotarła - wysyłka z europejskiego magazynu. Wszystko świetnie działa odkurzacz fajnie planuje trasę, ciekawie się porusza, wraca do miejsc bardziej zabrudzonych. Ciekawe jest też nadawanie komunikatów dźwiękowych i przyjemnej muzyczki po zakończeniu sprzątania. Ogólnie dobra opcja dla chcących podzielić się swoją pracą z maszyną :)

    Jan 09,2019

  • Simoes
    Nice vacuum...
    Quality /price is quite good! Has some flaws by nothing major considering the value. Some cons, the basket is not full but the vacuum stops auto telling to empty the bin and the corners are not cleaning totally but there's is more pros so iwould recommend this unit

    Jan 13,2019

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Seja o PRIMEIRO para fazer uma pergunta. Quer Pontos GB? Basta escrever um comentario!

Seja o PRIMEIRO para fazer uma pergunta. Quer Pontos GB? Basta escrever um comentario!

Seja o PRIMEIRO para fazer uma pergunta. Quer Pontos GB? Basta escrever um comentario!

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