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FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless
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FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless

- Preto e branco e vermelho

55 km/h / Sistema de Refrigeração de Água / Função de Direção
4.88 92 Comentários do cliente | Consulte a descrição inglesa
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Descrições do FeiLun FT011


Grande e rápido, FeiLun FT011 barco RC sem escova é tão atraente. É o incrível tubarão que pode flutuar na água de uma forma impressionante. Com a cauda móvel, o fluxo de água não afetará sua direção. Você não precisa esperar pela água parada, a cabine está totalmente protegida contra a água. No caso de virada, o FeiLun FT011 irá girar automaticamente para cima. Aproveite as corridas e a emoção que o barco RC traz para você!

Principais características:

● Alta velocidade de 55 km/h com o motor brushless, proporciona-lhe a experiência de condução incrivelmente emocionante

● Sistema de refrigeração a água efetivamente fornece um ambiente de trabalho favorável para a eletrônica dentro

● Corrige automaticamente o desvio. Alcance o destino sem ser afetado pelo fluxo de água

● Função de auto-correção - não se preocupe com o emborcamento. Ele vira para cima depois de ser virado de cabeça para baixo

 Extremamente à prova d'água com a proteção do anel de borracha na borda das duas tampas

● Alimentado pela bateria recarregável de íon de lítio de alta capacidade 14.8V 30C 2200mAh


Velocidade máxima: 55 km / h

Tamanho do motor sem escovas: 5 x 3cm

Bateria do barco: 14.8V 2200mAh 30C lithium-ion (built-in)

Nota: o barco não vem com lubrificante.



Marcas: FEILUN
Material: ABS,Componentes eletrônicos
Tipo: Barcos RC
Funções: Avançar / retroceder,Retificação,Vire à esquerda / à direita


Controle Remoto: 2.4GHz controle remoto sem fio
Distância de Controle Detalhada: 100-150m
Potência do Transmissor: 6 x bateria de 1.5V AA (não incluída)
Boat/Ship Power: Bateria recarregável incorporada
Tempo de Carregamento: Cerca de 180min
Playing Time: 5 ~ 6mins

Dimensões e Peso

Peso do Produto: 2.6250 kg
Peso do Pacote: 2,7000 kg
Tamanho do Produto(L x W x H): 73,00 x 23,00 x 23,00 cm / 28,74 x 9,06 x 9,06 polegadas

Conteúdos do Pacote

Conteúdo do Pacote: 1 x Barco RC (Bateria Incluída), 1 x Transmissor, 2 x Hélice, 1 x Carregador, 1 x Conjunto do Suporte do Barco, 1 x Pára-choques

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

FeiLun FT011 2.4GHz Barco Racing RC Brushless- Preto e branco e vermelho

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  • Don
    Great boat at a great price
    This electric boat is complete with every thing you need, except 8 AA cells for the controller. The radio control gear and rechargeable boat battery and charger are included. The box even contains an Allen wrench, several spare props and grease to keep it running smooth for a long while. The charger will work in all countries, but you may need an adapter plug to fit the outlets used in your country. You can ask GB to send you an adapter when you order.

    GB stocks spare parts at reasonable prices. So, even when accidents happen you can get it running like new.

    You will want to buy additional batteries. The boat is very high performance and will run 7-9 minutes at high speed before a recharge is needed. The run time seems longer but if you run it continuously, after less than 10 minutes you will need to pause for over an hour while the battery charges. GB has original equipment batteries, but I have found batteries elsewhere that I like better. The boat is very fast on the original 4S battery. It is so fast it can be difficult to control for all but experienced RC'ers. Beginners and youngsters will find it easier to control if they use a 3S battery. However you will need a different charger to charge the 3S batteries. The one that comes with the boat will only charge 4S batteries. GB has chargers that will charge both 3S and 4S batteries and charge both faster than the stock charger.

    I run my boat with a group of about 12 adults. We have a ball racing and just chasing each other around. When you get a group of them painting them different colors really helps. Besides the black boats are difficult to see at a distance. My 8 and 12 year old grand children love to run the boats around. They are great parent-child and parent-grandchild fun activities.

    I recommend these boat to all my friends. You may even want to buy more than one. The more boats out there the more fun.

    Sep 22,2018

  • John Jenkins
    THIS BOAT IS FAST!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    This Boat is BUILT EXTREMELY WELL!!! if not better than boats selling for 2 to 3 times the price of this one!!!!
    it comes ready to run with a brushless motor and a water cooled Electronic speed control. one of the best design features is the double top cover with extremely well-built locking mechanisms to hold them in Place!!!
    this boat comes with a fantastic battery for the price and if you was to buy just the battery alone you could not get one of this quality for any less than about $40.00 US. one of its most useful design features is not having to worry about the boat flipping over at the extremely high speeds it will tear through the water!!!! if you had a wave and jump about five feet out the water and end upside down comma then all you have to do is hold the boat in reverse and hit the throttle and it will flip right back over and you're ready to go again!!!!:). most of the top manufacturers do not offer this design feature which I have come to love so much to where I will not purchase a boat without this feature if I actually planned on using it!!!!:). I just wanted to say thank you for best 4 offering such a fantastic RC boat at such an Affordable PRICE!!!! This is a REAL RACE BOAT for the price of a TOY!!! I love it and if it's up to me I'm going to keep it FOREVER!!!
    keep in mind most RC boats that can achieve the speed of this boat usually never comes with reverse and if you use it properly it not only helps the boat to self righting itself but makes it a hundred times more maneuverable if you end up in a tight spot.
    THANK YOU GEARBEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    THERE is NO CONS to THIS BOAT except you're going to need more space then a little swimming pool, or fountain to run it in!!!!Lol:)
    This Boat EASILY Exceeds 35 to 40 MPH!!!!! on smooth water, SO if there's ANYTHING to warn someone about, it would be make sure you Have Plenty of Room TO THROW A 4 FOOT ROOSTER TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    Feb 24,2017

  • Andrew McCluskey
    Awesome value speed boat! Very fast, well priced and well made!
    Great build quality and speed for the price
    Extremely water tight with well working double cover
    4s battery and brushless motor will do 50km+ in calm water
    Looks awesome with stealth carbon fibre effect colour
    Sounds like an F1 car :P
    Very stable compared to smaller Ft011 and easier to trim for straight line driving (helped by rear stabilises)
    Handles well with practice; must use throttle whist turning
    have now both the Ft011 and FT012. Yes I have raced them in clam water, the Ft012 accelerates faster but the Ft011 is faster top speed especially in calm water where it seems to really pick up another gear so to speak! This boat is also better built then the Ft012 and much more water tight
    Not much at this price!
    Does have a bad turning circle if your not using any throttle.

    Apr 22,2017

  • Marcel
    Sooo fast!!!
    Nach der heutigen Testfahrt kann ich berichten das bei mir Wasser in das Boot gelaufen ist. Hierfür würde es evtl. schon eine einfache Dichtung tun die der Hersteller mitliefern könnte. Das Boot fährt wirklich sehr schnell und es ist sehr wendig auf dem Wasser. Jedoch nur bei höheren Geschwindigkeiten.

    Im groben hält das Boot was es verspricht, jedoch muss ich einen Punkt bemängeln. Der Hersteller wirbt damit, dass das Boot bei schwachen Akku in einen Sparmodus schaltet und man langsam zurück an Land fahren kann, bevor der Akku ganz leer ist. Der ,,Restakku reicht aber leider nur für wenige Meter auf dem Wasser. Ich hatte Glück das ich zufällig nah an Land war und konnte es mit einem langen Stock bergen.

    Für den Preis aber absolut ok!v
    Der ,,Restakku reicht aber leider nur für wenige Meter auf dem Wasser. Ich hatte Glück das ich zufällig nah an Land war und konnte es mit einem langen Stock bergen.

    Paket war eingerissen und eingeschnitten!

    May 01,2017

  • Don
    Fast electric Power boat
    This is a great boat. You can find many videos here and on YouTube. The boats are very fast high performance. After one was running on a local pond there were soon two, then three, then we started an informal club and now have a fleet of sixteen running. The boats are so fast it is a challenge to keep the on the course. Racing them around has been great fun, even if most races do not last long. These boats will flip in collisions or from flying off waves. However, you will learn to right the boat by cycling the throttle from forward to reverse.
    One last big PRO.....GB has made replacement parts available at reasonable cost. Extra batteries and props are recommended.
    Some people feel 5-8 minutes run time is not enough when battery charge time is 90 minutes. You can get longer run time if you us less heavy throttle or us a larger battery. Remember these are high performance boats, they are most fun when run fast. So, plan on having 4-6 batteries charged up and ready to go when you head to the water.

    May 09,2018

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