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  • Lucas Alberto
    1. I chose this classification because everything is in agreement
    2. cheap
    3.vantages and that he is cheap, disadvantagen he came all crumpled
    4.Sim very good recommend for all
    3.vantages and that he is cheap, disadvantagen he came all crumpled

    Jun 27,2018

  • Alex
    Нибиру 013 треснул. Надо бы запчастей приобрести. Вот и рама как раз подоспела - будем собирать. Вдохнем жизнь в миниквадрик и еще останется для подолбить его об стены
    да нет тут их

    Apr 02,2018

  • Marion
    Cheap replacement
    This is a replacement part for the Furibee F36. I bought it together with my F36 because it's my first quadcopter and I wanted to make sure I would have extra parts just in case of a bad crash. Nothing has happened so far but for this price, why not? :D
    Haven't been able to find any cons for this product.

    May 18,2017

  • Aneel
    Shipped in a box
    We know this frame is good, it's only problem is damage during shipping. Mine shipped in a box and was completely fine, no bends or dents. Gearbest, please send it in a box for everyone. Thank you.

    Aug 01,2017

  • Crunchy
    Furibee f36
    Lightweight and durable are a great combination. Lighter and more durable than competitors! This frame has held up great after some huge hard crashes from 50ft plus best black 6mm frame i know of
    Not more colors to choose from

    Jul 25,2017

  • Matteo
    Più leggero degli originali frame per Eachine E010 e JJRC H36 ma anche diverso come tipo di plastica che essendo più flessibile risulta anche più resistente agli urti. Inoltre è diverso anche il disegno dei proteggi elica ( la conicità). Nel tempo li sostituirò anche a tutti i miei E010 e H36 con questi che sono davvero migliori.

    Jan 30,2017

  • marinu
    frame f36
    was shipped super fast. frame is super lightweight. The frame is probably a bit more aerodynamic and afficient than its counter parts because of detailed shaping of the prop housing.
    Because it was shipped in an envelop one of the motor housings was slightly damaged. I was able to bend it back into shape but i dont know if it will bend back and affect flight caracteristics.

    Jan 15,2017

  • perfect replacement
    frame furibee quadricopter
    furious quadricopter frame replacement. Great to keep at home.
    excellent value for money .
    perfect in every part.
    very resistant quality product like the original.
    Highly recommended.

    May 12,2018

  • Grzegorz
    Pretty fast shipped, frame is same as original one and straight. it was very easy to transfer from my old stock frame to new one.

    Mar 22,2018

  • daive
    F36 is Grate

    Sep 28,2017