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  • Angela Girvan
    This is the second product I have bought like this, I use these little guys to charge up power packs from the car dashboard that I then use to charge a phone or whatever other device later during the night after the sun is gone when I am camping or just away from civilized electricity for an extended time, this particular unit is a great value for the price

    Apr 14,2018

  • G. Linn
    This panel is lighter and performs better AND cheaper than the Anker offering and beats out a few other brands as well, this can charge your device while hiking or driving around but I find its best suited when paired with the right usb cable As Well As good sunlight or it wont charge

    May 01,2018

  • Bob Emmerich
    During the day I left this charging my USB battery at camp while I was out, I would connect my phone to the unit when I got back as the USB battery would be fully charged, this has earned a permanent spot in my camp equipment and will come in handy during a power outage

    Sep 02,2018

  • Pam Owens
    I will even take it with me out on the boat in the Gulf of Mexico to keep a good charge on my cell phone, I may not have cell phone service way out but with a reliable charger like the XDragon

    Jul 06,2018

  • Melissa McClure
    This is a pretty cool solar panel, I was expecting a little bit more, it doesn't seem to stand up to the heat very well because the backing isn't as sturdy as it should be for regular use

    Jun 01,2018

  • Maria Avilez-Wells
    It has an LED to let you know that there is enough sunlight to power/charge your USB device which is really nice in low light situations

    May 16,2018

  • SAinVA
    Replied they would replace the whole unit, its not a complicated item, that was great customer service

    Oct 03,2018

  • ScornedWoman
    The solar panel keeps up with this demand AND adds a couple % points of charge each day

    Aug 10,2018

  • Ângelo
    nenhum problema funciona muito bem
    recomendo muito prático e fácil de conectar

    Jan 05,2019

  • BenBTizMe
    For the educational aspect alone it was worth the price

    Aug 15,2018