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  • Sergii
    ТВ бокс Mecool M8S PLUS L
    Отличный ТВ бокс от хорошего производителя. ТВ бокс очень похож на бокс от Xiaomi. Маленький размер, качественная сборка. В комплекте пульт без лишних кнопок. Подключение к Интернет только по WiFi. Обычно ТВ боксы этого ценового диапазона с плохим охлаждением, здесь же с охлаждением все хорошо. На нижней крышке вентиляционные отверстия, а внутри масивный радиатор. Работает без глюков и подвисаний. Если нужен стильный ТВ бокс, рекомендую купить эту модель.

    Nov 01,2018

  • Sriram Mudumbi
    Other then the default launcher page lacking decent customisation it seems to be a good little box for a budget I had to do a firmware update to get all the functionality I wanted but was super easy, setup was straightforward as is operation, included remote doesn't have good functionality buttons in my opinion as there is no on remote play pause fast forward or rewind all has to be done through menus or do like I did and get a keypad controller, overall easy-to-use in the quality products especially for the price

    Oct 03,2018

  • iliasG
    Very Good Item with good price!!!
    With powerful processor and 2 gb of memory, it can handle most applications without problems. The box is sturdy although. I would like more holes for its cooling. It does not have a heat sink attached to the processor, but a silicone sticker that rests on a piece of metal. I can not say that I am satisfied with this cooling mode and needs a fan for normal temperatures. Otherwise it is a good machine with a similar good purchase price.

    Sep 23,2018

  • kevin williams
    This android box works great, the product specs and performance was way better then expected and faster then my PC that is only a year old, router is on other side of living room and it gets perfect reception, came with a nice remote and an awesome little keyboard with trackpad built which makes it super easy to navigate the system, the system itself was great, never thought I'd be playing graphic intensive games but was suprised this little box could handle it

    Sep 17,2018

  • Rory Bidinger
    Very good fast and clean device, only two grips that I have Which are not major is that bluetooth is not a option for this device so if you want to use your phone as a remote it's not possible Didn't try it through wifi so that may be an option and connecting through homeshare devices isn't possible so if you want to do a wireless install aps you have to do it through cloud or something of that sort

    Sep 29,2018

  • corinne
    It comes with a remote and instructions, the menu interface is super easy to use and so far I'm pleased, the remote controller works great above all, with my last TV box from another brand I had to point directly the controller so it was quite uncomfortable and also it interfered with my TV remote It does not get hot or any problems shown so far, consistent system

    Aug 10,2018

  • courtney rothwell-wolf
    You have more flexibility of putting different streaming or Android apps since it's basically an Android mini computer, i purchased a wireless keyboard to use with it and it works fine, unit provided more memory than a Firestick, there is less lag in streaming and had room for more apps to have and use

    Sep 27,2018

  • Lena Dearth
    This TV Box is much better than my old one, look at the friendly interface, well-designed human-computer interaction and fast stream of videos and films ; they are all greater than my old device, it will be a big plus if there are more pre-installed games with the box itself

    Oct 08,2018

  • The beyonder
    Great Box
    WOW! This thing is amazing! Thanks so much Troy for recommending this product. I just hooked it up last night and the difference in it and a fire stick is daylight to dark. Amazing speed even using th

    Oct 17,2018

  • Max Fever
    The older box was extremely difficult to program and had a bit of a learning curve, it is much more user friendly and easier to program, the miniature keyboard is much more preferable to the standard remote when doing searches

    Oct 10,2018