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  • Chelsea Haynie
    Far i've used it on the swing and on his pack and play and it works great, it's decent lullaby music that won't kill your ears either and my baby loves the black and white and colorful faces he just smiles and waves his hands around with excitement and I can see his eyes locked on it

    Oct 14,2018

  • SBarn
    This quickly became a HUGE part of my girls nap and bedtime routines, they love to stare at it and if I happen to forget to turn it on they have no problem yelling at me until I do so lol Would recommend this product to any and all parents in the market for a good baby mobile

    Jul 06,2018

  • 67stanger
    This toy is very cute, the colors are bright and inviting, the xylophone has some bars that have a bit more treble than others ... but overall pleasant, my only suggestion would be to put something softer on the hammer end other than the hard plastic rubber

    Aug 14,2018

  • andrewdelay
    perfect bend and shape
    very nice bend and shape, elegant real maple, perfect suspensions with shock absorbers . good box in the kit (useful for fishing)
    I was expecting rubber wheels (they are plastic)

    Jul 16,2018

  • Lisa Barbieri
    This Is our baby's first and favorite toy, it's the perfect instrument to play with a baby during tummy time, and textures and it's easy for him to reach for and grab

    Aug 15,2018

  • The good, the bad and the ugly
    Many geeky games with weird sound effects, I would have to say the Big two games are Wrestling which is an exact duplicate of Tag Team Wrestling from the arcade

    Jul 31,2018

  • Justin Holzapfel
    Love the long play option, love the design of being able to unclip the mobile part and put it on a pack n play, good thing I could just clip the mobile part on

    Oct 09,2018

  • TelMinz
    A high surface is ideal if you want to play it like an oldschool arcade game ; using it like a handheld is doable, at least enough to justify the price tag

    May 17,2018

  • Larry Roberts
    I was hesitant to buy it since it didn't match his nursery theme or anything else but I took a chance based on the reviews and am so glad I did

    Sep 29,2018

  • Lee Taylor
    Wonderful !! You can play so many different games and create a joint activities with this learning resource

    Oct 15,2018