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  • Ex3m0
    Utile ed ecconomico
    Queste dovrebbero essre le caratteristiche (trovate su internet): Input tensione: 4V - 35V
    Output tensione: 1,23V - 30V (regolabile)
    Output corrente: corrente nominale: 2A, corrente massimo: 3A (necessario di aggiungere dissipatore)
    Efficienza di conversione: fino a 92%
    Frequenza di commutazione: 150KHz
    Temperatura di funzionamento: -40¡ãC a +85¡ãC
    Output onda: 30mV (massimo)
    Regolazione di carico: 0.5%
    Regolazione di tensione: 2.5%

    Dec 04,2018

  • Den
    Step-Down Power Adjustable Module With Lm2596s
    ЭПонижающий мощность модуль с Lm2596s.
    Обратите внимание что модуль не имеет защиты от дурака - если подключите неправильно полюса плюс и минус, то основная схема сгорит!
    Мой обзор -

    Oct 14,2018

  • Vasile
    step down board
    Item looks to be good quality. Soldering is good and size is perfect to fit inside future projects. See my video for a much better look at the parts and the product.

    Jun 10,2019

    step down converter
    Looks to be good quality . Soldering is fine. Useful for bringing down voltage to desired value. See photos and video for a closer look at the product.

    Jun 07,2019

  • Thanos
    good product
    small size
    led indicator
    fast shipping
    very useful for charging
    small size
    led indicator
    fast shipping
    very useful for charging

    Aug 08,2018

  • Fred
    Step-Down Power Adjustable Module With Lm2596s
    Interesting Step-Down Power Adjustable Module With Lm2596s. Tiny power voltage adjustment module. Good exercise with a multimeter testing the voltage output.

    May 22,2019

  • Antonio
    Produto é bom e eficiente para usar em projetos. Pequeno e bonito, gostei do acabamento. Pelo preço vale a pena ter uma.

    May 10,2019

  • хороший товар доставка біс
    Good for mobile - best price!
    Магнитный держатель универсальный
    Step-Down Power Adjustable Module With Lm2596s
    Adjustable With Lm259

    Aug 24,2018

  • Ahmed
    Looks prof
    I didnt try it so far. but the packaging is perfect. as seen in the pic

    no cons

    May 29,2019

  • JP
    Good quality DC converter
    Good quality soldering mask, used components and package. Very happy with the purchase.

    Feb 12,2019