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  • Nancy Gaskins
    The speakers where hurting my ears so I wanted a cap that will compress my ears nicely and allow me to slide the helmet on easier, I'm a small on head gear so this was a bit on the big side overall it serves its purpose wonderfully

    Jun 22,2018

  • Rockent LLC
    The skull cap fits exceedingly well and is totally comfortable, The cap is quite warm and keeps my ears wonderfully toasty, even in a cold wind, the price is excellent, A great purchase

    Jul 22,2018

  • Jo Smith
    The hat kept me warm and the wind was not a factor, I am very happy to have purchased this and am looking forward to running during the winter with it as well

    May 06,2018

    I thought he would like to have a lightweight hat that would be warm but not to warm and I chose the bright orange for signaling in case of an emergency

    Mar 20,2018

  • Colleen LaMere
    This seems like a great product -- folds up tiny, the inside soft material is comfortable, But for anyone with a relatively normal size head

    Apr 13,2018

  • cingin
    Looks like it will be perfect to wear under a riding helmet on my vacation, The fit is good, and there's no extra fabric on top to bunch up

    Mar 06,2018

  • maria sgueglia
    Amazing product, It is a very thin and lite material but actually keeps your head very warm, Very happy with my purchase

    Mar 20,2018

  • Kiera Givens
    Purchased this helmet liner to protect the lining of my flight helmet from the sweat of hot weather EMS flying

    Apr 12,2018

  • Mia adams
    Your Skull Cap is Awesome, I run the Cap under my hard hat and it works beautifully, Thanks for a great product

    Oct 12,2018

  • trisha Johnson
    Nice cap, it saves my ears from being bent when I put the full-face helmet on and keep the helmet from sweat

    Aug 28,2018