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  • Gloria P. Hutchinson/Bernice Murray
    Incandescent light bulbs over to LED light bulbs, the light is warm and soft, and is brighter than incandescent bulbs, and the light didn't seem as bright as advertised, these light bulbs last so long that I really don't want to take up valuable closet space keeping a spare light around for ten years, these Philips light bulbs were perfect, the light is bright and clear, but has a nice quality

    Dec 18,2018

  • Kris Howie
    I have three other color changing lights that are similar to this one, the other thing this light comes with is a remote control which makes this model much more fun and flexible to control how it reacts to the music, and it puts out an impressive amount of light for its size, this is a super fun light and I expect this will be used quite a bit for years to come

    Oct 21,2018

  • Alexander
    I'm so happy with this LED light !!! It's just perfect !!! You have several color options to choose from, for the price and how good it is you can't go wrong also it's Waterproof !!!! This makes the product even more better, i'm super happy with the purchase and if your looking for some nice lights I'd highly recommend these !!!!

    Oct 16,2018

  • DPI Specialty Foods
    The lights are actually a little smaller than I had expected but they are plenty bright for my application, like many other LED lights they have a bit of a blue color to the full white, this might be an issue if you want to light up something and get a natural looking light

    Nov 22,2018

  • blueeyesofva
    For a general black light it's just not enough, I don't have much experience with LED blacklights but if this is a decent representation they are not the same as tubed black lights and should be avoided if you want to fill a standard sized room with black light

    Oct 09,2018

  • Judith M. Wardwell
    She was able to control both bulbs not only with the provided elements but with her voice too, additional fun elements include syncing them with music, the bulbs also offer a great white light for when you don't need the colors

    Sep 28,2018

  • Whiskey Icarus
    Received my new light on time, lights look amazing !!! Especially with a fog machine, you get a professional grade light with an amazing remote to control all your functions for a great low price

    Oct 13,2018

  • David Reeves
    A variety of other ways to control them make these lights great, and the Fog machine and are adding the COB black light cannon for a glow in the dark party that we are throwing soon

    Nov 27,2018

  • Natalya the Spy
    The touch control is great because I don't have to be looking for the switch or pull on a chain, the three levels of light is helpful too

    Oct 23,2018

  • Timothy A. Johnson
    Used this light on the front of a school stage for a dance that highlighted fluorescent colors

    Oct 26,2018