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  • carter
    convenient robot cleaner
    There are many places that need to be cleaned automatically.This robot cleaner truly exceeded my expectations. The suction in normal mode is sufficient even without boost mode on. being able to efficiently clean the whole floor efficiently, I havent had an issue with the redocking feature yet, and can get over carpets and rugs easily.I saw a lot hair and dust when I draw the dust box out, kind of shock me.It will return to its charging dock. mostly, when it runs low on juice.mobile control is definitely far easy fe the remote bit. and I set up a daily clean schedule using the simple app and wifi. cool design it is.The price kind of high, but think about the time and work I save, I think it's worth for it.

    Oct 28,2019

  • eve
    Good vacuum, nice price
    What I love about this vacuum is having my floors cleaned every day without lifting a finger. It works great on the carpets and hardwoods.it is WiFi connectable, which means it cannot only controlled by the remote control but also from phones and tablets remotely. It’s easy to empty after each use, and it’s easy to replace parts (which I have yet to need to do but have toyed with) It runs on a schedule every day and saves so much time. It does well on multiple surfaces and only gets stuck if I forget to pick up cords or strings (such as toys or drawstrings on clothing left on the floor).it will immediately turn around when sensing the obstacle,before approaching the obstacle.(such as walls or chairs tables leg)

    Nov 05,2019

  • sam
    Very effective and convenient
    The instruction manuel was easy to read and setting the timer was simple. it has no problems going over my rugs or switching from hardwood to laminate. The timer on my vacuum is set to run daily.extra brushes and Filter were included as well.I have noticed that if it picks up big objects such as dog food or a small toy it will rattle or make a funny sound.Once the object is removed it goes back to running smoothly again. after finish work, the vacuum takes its self to the base and charges for the next day. It's make me keep my apartment more organized because I have to keep things off the floor. It is a lot quieter than my old one that I have upstairs and fits under more furniture. I am very pleased with the product.

    Oct 30,2019

  • Liam timberlake
    My first impression of this robot vacuum is that it is high quality and well made. It’s a good house
    we are living in a very large house that has hardwood floors and this machine works wonders. my wife sets the robot using her phone while she is out. the robot cleans all the floors and recharge itself when finished.and the mopping function is good for mopping under the bed when I can't do it myself. And I like that it is thin enough to go under my TV drawer too.It is quiet and has high suction power for its size. Me and my wife both love this product.

    Oct 26,2019

  • max
    highly recommended
    I got this vacuum two months ago, then I never do house clean by myself. I set a weekly schedule and pour dust box out once every three or two days.It is quite lightweight, charges quickly.You can either use the remote to start or push the button on top. It is quite quiet, sensors work well never does hit into things,like chairs, boxs.It gets to places i can not reach . It collects a fair bit of dirt.it can clean whole house with use the Auto Cleaning Mode and Edge Cleaning Mode.It's never stuck for now. make it free, make my house cleaner

    Nov 05,2019

  • joey
    high quality
    I bought it for my office. seem like a good chosen.its very light so not hard to carry around.it comes with a remote to set the schedule and it was really to use. it has 2 rotating brush so it gets more its in path, It picks up most items on the floor. such as nutshell, crumbs.It travels with ease, knowing when something is blocking its path and repositioning itself. even under the conference table when we have all of the chairs pushed in tight.

    Oct 30,2019

  • ayo
    better than the old one I had
    I'd had a cheap (without WIFI control) version before, which did an ok job if used very frequently but it not recharge automatically. I never borded with the sound when it's working,really soft sound.I preseted the start-up time on the app,so I don't need to start-up it every single day. the auto recharge and app control fucntion is so functional that my house is still clean even I haven't touched the start-up button for a month.

    Oct 28,2019

  • James
    Keeps the house clean of hair and dust!
    I was looking to buy a not so expensive robot vacuum. I tried couple of them before buying this one. This is not so loud and had a large collecting bin. Suction power is very good and picks up lot of dust in hour it takes to clean my house. Super easy to install, cleaning was easy too. Comes with an extra filter.Overall super happy with the build quality and performance for the price. Will be buying one more as a gift and definitely recommend.

    Oct 29,2019

  • lily potter
    Actually works better than I expected
    When I getting busy and busy I notice that I don't have time to clean my floor. So I got this robot vacuum cleaner to help. This vacuum is more quiet and my dog doesn’t get scared of it.You can control it with a remote appThe battery last for HOURS!can go on carpet and clean very wellIt doesn’t bump into walls, but senses it before it hits it.it has longer rotor brushesway better price!

    Oct 27,2019

  • jennifer
    worth it
    This vacuum is awesome! I think it picks up more dust and fuzz than my large standing vacuum!! It is relatively quiet and never hit the wall or somethings. It include a weekly schedule on app. It is even short enough to clean under my dresser and bookshelf/storage-shelf ! The vacuum also comes with a great cleaning tool to cut hair off the brush and pull out stuck fuzz from the bristles.

    Nov 01,2019