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  • Sergio Giangrande
    A great product overall
    The kit is of low price, it contains a LOT of stuff, both simple things like leds to the more complicated capacitors, ir blaster, remote, 7 segment led displays ecc
    Contains breadboard and resistors to get everything working
    The arduino is not the genuine version, however the funduino contained in the kit is COMPLETELY compatible with the stock open source arduino.cc IDE
    The product is almost always discounted, I got mine for 16 euros shipped instead of 44 euros, which is a VERY good deal
    The case is a bit cheap
    And well that's it!

    Dec 13,2016

  • Nlmp
    Very good learning kit for kids and newbies
    This KT003 DIY Basic Arduino UNO Starter Kit at GearBest is good electronics and embedded programming learning kit for kids or anyone who wants to hands on, there are videos at GearBest product page that explain how to use it, doesn't require additional driver, works well with Arduino programming interface.

    Sep 30,2016

  • Sergey
    Есть всё, что нужно для начала.
    Плата сделана очень хорошо, всё аккуратно и без деффектов.
    Удобная коробка для всей этой мелочевки.
    Заказом доволен.
    Нигде не описывается полная комплектация набора. Опишу её сам)
    1 х Пластиковая коробка для набора
    1 х Плата ARDUINO (Funduino) UNO
    1 х USB кабель
    1 х Бредборд 200 точек питания и основных 630 точек
    2 х Провод 25 см
    2 х Провод 20 см
    4 х Провод 15 см
    22 х Провод 5 см
    1 х ИК пульт ДУ
    1 х Светодиодная матрица 64 LED
    1 х Четырёхразрядный семисегментный светодиодный индикатор
    2 х Одноразрядный семисегментный светодиодный индикатор
    1 х 8-битный сдвиговый регистр SN74HC595N
    15 х LED
    1 х RGB LED
    8 х Резистор 10КОм, 2%
    5 х Резистор 10КОм, 1%
    5 х Резистор 1КОм, 1%
    1 х Потенциометр B 50K
    4 х Кнопка
    2 х Зуммер
    3 х Фоторезистор
    1 х ИК излучатель
    1 х ИК приёмник
    2 х Датчик наклона
    1 x Датчик температуры LM35DZ
    1 х Блок питания под батарейки типа АА

    Mar 21,2018

  • Bearwaker
    A fun way to get started
    This Arduino starter kit is a great way to get started. The core board works well, and all of the resisters, butotns and displays provide endless materials for online tutorials or independent projects.

    Pros: Everthing is included to get started, comes in a plastic box with dividers to keep everything sorted.

    Cons: None

    Nov 16,2018

  • Grigoris
    Great kit
    It's a very good pack for somebody who'd like to get started with arduino, and at the same time not spend all the money that the official arduino starter costs! The equipment is nicely placed in the box and for the things included at the price tag this is amazing!
    The only bad thing is that some of the pins are bent, but you can easily fix them, and considering the small box this comes in, it's totally expected.

    Dec 04,2016

  • SoufyaneZ
    Good BAsic Starter Kit for Arduino Development
    I can say that this is a good basic starter kit for beginners in Arduino Development. Is just contains the necessary pieces to start experiments.
    The quality/price ratio is quite good!
    It would be greater if it includes female to male wires and female to female wires as well. For now, there are only male to male wires.
    Also, if possible to add in the future a radar sensor (for avoiding obstacles), it would be more interesting as an Arduino very basic kit!

    Jan 03,2017

  • Mitchell
    arduino kit
    what an awesome little product!! so much fun and so many uses!! i will be forever not bored!! lol gearbest keeps amazing me with their awesome customer service and speedy delivery? packing times!! keep up the amazing work gearbest i will always and forever order from you!!

    Mar 19,2017

  • Bo
    Funduino Starterkit
    Neat little kit for a good price.
    Battery holder for "in the field" operation.
    Good selection of components and breadboard wires for getting started.
    Including IC 74HC595 for controlling a 7-seg display.
    Would have liked to see a MAX7219 to drive the LED matrix.
    Insufficient packaging caused the kit box to be damaged in transport.
    No reference for getting started (manual or links to Getting Started sites would have been good).

    May 04,2017

  • John
    Great Product
    I have not encountered problems even though I have been using it for about a year. It is a good copy of the original, and the components are perfect. The package as a whole is perfect due to the purchase price.
    You need another breadboard to use the 8 x 8 dot matrix

    Feb 26,2018

  • Daniele
    Prodotto spedito celermente, perfettamente funzionante e con nessun problema iniziale. Continuo ad utilizzarlo senza problemi, è esente da particolari problemi di estetica, in una colorazione gradevole. Il kit arriva con un comodo contenitore in plastica ed ogni parte e modulo presenti funzionano perfettamente. Il prezzo è altamente competitivo.
    Nessuno in particolare.

    Nov 01,2017