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  • Vassilis from Greece
    Buy it for training
    As a Dji and a Fimi user i bought this for training and to carry it every day with me just to take pictures. Easy to use, battery life and charging with led indicator to see when fully charged. Flying more than 10 minutes a lot of options but don't fly with a lot of wind. The app gives you the chance to use 3d goggles for better fun. if you want something more easy go for GPS drones but if you want to be a good pilot use it for training...

    Jun 24,2019

  • KF607
    It is amazing i have tried it although it is reversed to the point of view of the drone. however, it is nice. Although it isn’t stable and i have to move the drone to the center all the time and the loading of the pictures take time. Idk about the optical flow working. It isn’t as windy but it gets taken away by the air. But so far it is great. It’s my first time getting a drone and it was really easy to control but still confused with the reversed one though. Haahahaha.

    Oct 19,2019

  • Lucius
    a birthday present
    This drone is a birthday present I bought for my nephew. He said he liked flying the drone because it was easy to control and very responsive. He says he must learn to master drones better. He now trains them every day on the big lawn. He USES the recommended apps and has good timing. It's fun to see video on your phone through this app. It's a more advanced drone, but it's definitely fun. I highly recommend this product.

    Jun 09,2019

  • Bill Niki.
    a really powerful Drone
    A super cool professional aerial drone, this is a very suitable FPV drone for beginners and RC enthusiasts. Equipped with dual cameras, 4K HD front camera, you can get extraordinary photos taken from high altitude and video, 480P bottom camera equipped with "optical flow positioning" function to stabilize the uav and prevent drifting. It's a really powerful plane!

    Jun 08,2019

  • Jimmy.Benson
    Amazingly durable drone!
    The main reason for purchasing this drone is to take video and photos of our company. This is my first time to use a drone, my hand-eye coordination is really bad, haha... However, after playing with the drone for several hours, I was fascinated! Flying is fun, and at that price, video is much better than the electronics I expected.

    May 25,2019

  • Howard.George
    very satisfied!
    wow! ! I can't say enough about this drone. For one thing, it's a compact drone, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Second, the control is so simple that it doesn't take long to master it. Third, it is very easy to set up photos through the phone, the camera quality is very good. On the whole, I'm very satisfied!

    May 26,2019

  • Allroundgamer
    great drone
    it's exactly what the description says. It is a lot of fun, it has a real-time wireless network connection, so you can see live video in the air from the mobile phone, camera has good quality, it is very convenient to carry, the battery is very durable. Great! So much fun,highly recommended.

    Jun 09,2019

  • Lucy
    Easy carrying
    I am a newbie who learns to fly a drone for the first time. This drone is the perfect choice.
    First of all, this design looks very fashionable and the quality is also high. Like it's very compact folding, so carrying it outdoors is not a challenge.

    Nov 20,2020

  • rielanem
    When I bought this, I really didn't know what to expect. First of all, it is packed in a nice bag. The interior of the drone and the controller is very comfortable, there is enough space for the battery and all the spare parts

    Dec 04,2020

  • Paklausk
    kaip ir veikia, lauksim kol nebus vejo ir eisim i lauka bandyt kaip fotografuoja ir filmuoja. auauaua

    Jul 02,2019