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  • nonee
    for the price of a bluetooth headset you are also getting an instant translator
    If you are a tech enthusiast or traveling a abroad a lot or working with people who does not speak your language then this is a very cheap and effective enough solution for you. Brand is PEIKO and it works! Somehow anyways.

    Together with this bt headset you must install the app to your phone. There are a few mods in the app for different usage of the translator but what you will normally use is the mod called "face to face". In this scenario you have the bluetooth headset with you and your phone, the person in front of you does not speak your language and does not have a translator. But it is ok, you will use the headset and he can read/hear the translation through your phone and if he wants to speak just tap on your phone let him talk, the phone will record what the other person says, put it in text and translate it, you can hear the translation from your headset and read the translation on your phone screen if you want. This is very usefull. I tried English-German, English-Japanese, English-Korean, Turkish-English, Turkish-German, Turkish-Korea and vice versa, they all work somehow. For languages easier and more common like English to German it is very good, I would say the translation level are %80-90, for more difficult and complex languages like Turkish, Japanese, Korean I would say the translation level is about %70 or even %60 but for around 10-15 USD what more can you ask. This is great!!!

    Even if you don't use the translation function you can just use the earpiece as a regular bluetooth headset and the sound and mic quality is above average so if you are lookg for a cheap BT headset give this one a try, you will get the translator funtion as a bonus.

    Only complain is that you must be connected to internet to use the translation function. If you are in your home country it is no problem but if you are abroad it might be difficult, which damages the purpose of this device a little. But other than that everything is good.

    Dec 03,2018

  • Mariosmci
    peico Bluetooth
    i have choose to put 5 stars because i love it.i like that item because its a Bluetooth and translator.the advantage over other similar products is that is Bluetooth and translator. also i recommended

    Nov 22,2018

  • Tony Sign
    Ottimo,fa il suo dovere.
    funziona come un bluetooth normale, ma scaricando l'app facendo leggere il Qcode, entrando nell' 'app,diventa un ottimo traslatore.parli normalmente e sul telefono senti la traduzione nella lingua scelta.L'interlocutore pigiando sul telefono parla e tu senti la traduzione sul tuo bluetooth in italiano o in un altra lingua.A volte bisogna parlare piano perché se no traduce come vuole,ma, per quello che costa,fa il suo dovere.

    Feb 05,2019

  • Toon toon
    quick, reasonably accurate translations. Impressed.
    Brought it to a Russian friend and asked them to say a sentence in Russian. What they said was written out on my screen and translated to English below. I relayed what I received in English and they said it was correct. Tried a few more sentences - quick, reasonably accurate translations. Impressed.

    Oct 02,2018

  • gmm
    Peiko traduttore
    Valutazione massima dettata dal servizio spedizione e dalla qualità del prodotto.
    La traduzione funziona e per una interazione tra due è ottima se le frasi sono nel limite dei 6 secondi.
    Ottimo come regalo per chi vuole fare pratica nella pronuncia.

    Nov 06,2018

  • Mr. Freeze
    Loving it!
    The app is in English and guides you through the possible features. I used the direct voice translation and it's ok so far. Sometimes, I had to repeat the spoken words but it works as expected. Of course it's not perfect, but if you don't know the other language you have to rely on it.

    Jan 29,2019

  • Gary
    I’m really impressed with this headphone.
    I’m really impressed with this headphone. I have tried several different ones and none were to my satisfaction. It fits very comfortably in my ear and I generally get correct and clear translation. I highly recommend you give this one a try.

    Oct 08,2018

  • Khel
    A lot of languages, easy to use
    Quite fast response, translates many languages. Perfect sound quality, can be used as a normal bluetooth earphone. Only issue battery not lasting as expected

    Jul 06,2019

  • Arnel
    App / gadger not working
    App / gadger not working. Not translating. It is connected like an ordinary Bluetooth headset. How I wish I can return this.

    Jan 17,2019


    Thank you for your time.

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    Mar 27,2019

  • baruchza
    Nice product easy to use I tried to translate from English to Italian and is really good but for example Arabic to English is less than good works.I'm just starting to work with him but I believe I'll enjoy the product.

    Jan 01,2019