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  • Rogers
    memory stick and OTG in one
    I received the thie item in a very reasonable shipping time and package in a well protected bubble envelope.
    The item is in a very good condition and ready for use. I'm happy with it's performance.
    A well manufactured product ; very solid and sturdy. Very fast response for transferring files and photos.
    I hope that they wlill come up with a 256 G capacity in the near future and combined with a USB 3 female
    connector for flexibility.
    With its built qualty and reasonable price, I can recommend this fully to future buyers looking for high capacity
    and rugged memory stick.
    Overall, its a very fine and good quality brand product.

    Nov 25,2019

  • screamage
    5/5. First, i was thinking to give it 3/5, but the read again the description, which says, up to 30mbps in write mode. So, everything as described.
    Here s the HWtest data:

    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 22.0 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 111 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4

    Same results are for the type-c for the android phone.
    p.s. flash drive gets too hot when writing data - beware, and do not leave it alone;

    Jul 09,2019

  • Mensur
    nice usb drive,that type-c connector helps with today's gadgets, really nice addition,speeds are good to 30+ read and 21+ write (tested on usb 2.0) usb 3.0 speeds should be even faster,well built feels sturdy !

    May 29,2019

  • Marek
    package arrived in 16 days. undamaged.
    package arrived in 16 days. undamaged. usb was quality packed. both connectors are of excellent quality. the loading speed of both the phone and the PC is excellent. the quality of the materials used is excellent. I recommend

    Nov 28,2019

  • vipeti
    USB is nicely built and has good quality, feels good in the hand but can heat up a little bit USB is nicely built and has good quality, feels good in the hand but can heat up a little bit USB is nicely built and has good quality, feels good in the hand but can heat up a little bit

    Nov 20,2019

  • Piotr
    Universal flash drive for phone and computer
    Flash drive with 2 interfaces - good idea and it works.
    Results from test, not bad:
    Average reading speed: 118.76 MB/s
    Average writing speed: 17.84 MB/s
    Average writing speed: 17.84 MB/s
    All metal, and very small.
    Thank You.

    Aug 26,2019

  • Pedro
    Rapida e pratica
    Sem realizar testes específicos, aparenta ser rapida a escrever e ler. É mesmo pequena e muito pratica. Funciona com smartphones.

    Sep 06,2019

  • Francisco
    Good product
    Good product, application for backup of the cell phone to the pc, this way freeing space on the cell phone

    Jun 22,2019

  • Peter
    clé usb
    Delai un peu long mais sinon excellente qualité conforme a la description et marche parfaitement que ce soit sur mon PC ou mon Portable.
    Par contre elle et vraiment toute petite environ 2cm,mais ça me dérange pas.

    Aug 30,2019

  • Ken
    handy usb drive
    i have used this over a week. it works well.
    i would recommend it when the price is right.

    Sep 18,2019