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  • theasprint
    High Quality, Reliable Dash Cam
    The 70mai Dash Cam Pro is a high quality dash cam and I'm very happy with my purchase.
    - High quality video image and image sensor with high resolution recording (see YouTube videos for some sample recordings)
    - Impressive Parking Mode that can last for few days without having to hardwire the camera.
    - Easy connection with Wifi and the 70mai app
    - The 70mai watermark on the video can be disabled in the 70mai app.
    - The dashcam charger actually has two USB ports so that you can still charge another device with it.
    - Able to withstand high temperatures in the car, no issues, despite it having a battery instead of capacitor

    - The Parking Mode can be a little too sensitive such that even loud noise nearby can trigger a recording (but this sensitivity can be adjusted down too in the app)

    Apr 05,2021