Rosas Artificiais Forma Urso de Peluche para Dia dos Namorados


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Descrição do produto: - Não há flores no fundo do urso, outras partes do urso têm flores - O número de flores é de cerca de 520, por favor, entenda que o número de flores pode ser um pouco diferente - As flores são coladas ao urso e não cairá - Material: flor PE


Detalhes do Produto

Tipo de Produtos: Rose Bear
Estilo: Novidade
Size(CM): 34 * 28 * 25cm
Conteúdo do Pacote: 1 x Rose Bear

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  • BA K.
    Where do I begin ... first my daughter loves to create her own styles with this kit so I am glad I purchased it for christmas,... the kit is cheap ... I mean the needle threader broke immediately and the needle eyes are too small for you (the adult) to thread the large thread so I needed to grab my needle threader from my kit,it's a cute kit but the directions are not simple enough for a beginner,i'd say take your money and buy better quality item and some felt

    Jun 28,2018

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  • Lily H
    Color:Crystal Cream
    Enjoyed this friday and had fun with the children making new stuff just need a better way to keep the magnets on,this little kit comes with everything you need for a fun play date with the kids,it has very clear instructions and bright vivid photos on the package to help give children design ideas,i was very impressed with the quality of the product vs. price

    Aug 15,2018

    Este comentário foi útil?

  • DDR
    Color:Deep Sky Blue
    Allows me to make pot holders and sections of a blanket panels that I can sew together I have also been able to make coin pouches and pouches to hold my weaving material in at the same time ... the yarn that is comes with is not too thick or thin and you can use any type of yarn it is very easy to put together and very durable and adjustable to use on a table or your lap

    May 08,2018

    Este comentário foi útil?

  • Aletta
    This is the coolest kit,it only makes sense that her granddaughters get a first sewing kit when they are knee-high to grasshoppers,this alex kit makes it so easy for them to start sewing with easy holes to use and big button and cutting that works with their hands,the materials are easy to hold and maneuver and all the colors are bright and fun

    Dec 02,2017

    Este comentário foi útil?

  • nomsDePlume
    She was very eager to try it out and accomplished some of the things that were in the instructions,she needed a little bit of extra help to finish them,she didn't complete the kit but it's only been a few days and i'm sure she'll come back to it,it's still a really good life skill to have and i'm glad she has this easy kit to get started

    Jan 28,2018

    Este comentário foi útil?

  • Heather I
    This is really great the book has very clear instructions for a child with pictures to go along with it that are bright colorful and fun and the clay is displayed right out front,this is a very attractive and affordable gift and it is a really cute idea i'm very happy with this and the condition that it came in

    Jan 24,2018

    Este comentário foi útil?

  • Andrew Mills
    Color:Deep Sky Blue
    I wish I would've ordered one that has smaller spaced slots because I use this for myself (adult that is) and I would like my projects to be spaced more closely and I would like to use thinner yarn instead of always bulky yarn,the loom itself is nice and I could see why kids would have an easy and fun time using it

    Feb 27,2018

    Este comentário foi útil?

  • Colleen T.
    The seller sent the wrong item initially,he was kind enough to apologize once again and said just keep the kit that had been sent erroneously as a thank you from him for my patience,the seller has been responsive and I appreciate not having to pay for the wrong kit

    Sep 30,2018

    Este comentário foi útil?

  • C.S
    I thought it would be a good way to teach her some sewing basics,there were several projects for her to work on and she was very excited to begin putting them together,she was very proud of her finished projects and it was a good bonding experience for the two of us

    Dec 13,2017

    Este comentário foi útil?

  • rbreedy
    Color:Deep Sky Blue
    We got this for our seven year old granddaughter and we were happy with the purchase,the directions were a bit tough to understand but we eventually got it,good quality product with fun accessories ; we are almost finished making her purse

    Mar 16,2018

    Este comentário foi útil?

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