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PETNF Cat Laser Toy Bola de laser para gatos Brinquedos interativos Não-tóxico e ecológico Toy Cat
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PETNF Cat Laser Toy Bola de laser para gatos Brinquedos interativos Não-tóxico e ecológico Toy Cat

- Azul Estados Unidos

Brinquedo do laser do gato
5 13 Comentários do cliente | Consulte a descrição inglesa
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Principais características

Jogabilidade Múltipla: A bola de brinquedo a laser pode ser colocada na mão ou rolada no chão enquanto brinca com seu gato, e pode ser girada automaticamente em 360 graus;
Rotação Automática: Este brinquedo a laser para gatos tem 3 modos de jogo ( Lento, Rápido e Aleatório) encontre as necessidades corretas do seu gato Bateria recarregável, três pilhas AA de 1,5V (não incluídas) duram de 8 a 10 horas;
Design de segurança: materiais ABS ecológicos, brinquedos para gatos e FDA- aprovado (o laser);
Operação de baixo ruído: Nosso produto opera no modo rápido com apenas 64 DB, o que não incomodará nossa vida diária;
Brinquedos interativos: A Petnf está comprometida em fornecer ao seu animal de estimação brinquedos para animais de estimação seguros e divertidos


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Comentários do cliente

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  • Ashley C
    Great compact entertaining cat toy!
    So this thing was way smaller than I anticipated....which is a good thing! In my head it was going to be a bigger bulky item and when it came I was pleasantly surprised at the small compact size. Straight out of the box with some batteries added, my kitten was instantly ready to play. I put it on the random mode at first and she was having a great time, although, I’m kind of convinced she isn’t the smartest cat out there and kept getting easily confused on where the laser was disappearing to. Lol. So I switched it to the slower circle mode and she did much better with that. She was still entertained but she didn’t keep losing sight of the “prey.”I like the function of being able to take it off the base and use it independently as well if you want to interact with your cat yourself. It seems well made, sturdy, and built to last. The colors in my opinion are very pleasing as well and fit right into my home and as I stated before, its compact size make it the perfect addition to our cat toys. My older cat acted rather unimpressed but even he couldn’t help but bat at the laser dot as he strolled through. And my kids loved it just as much as the kitten!

    May 07,2020

  • Barbara Caverly
    I love this laser lite easy to use and my 8 cats love it.
    Ok so to start of I have 8 cats. So I need something that they are going keep them busy. At nite if they don’t get some engery out they start to fight a bit. So I seen this and I like the look of it small and easy to use. So as soon as I got it out of box and turned it on 2 of my cats was right on it. As you can see in the video. They all love it. Even got my big boy up and moving. I love it. My daughter came over and seen it and said she’s getting one for her cat. The only thing I wish it had is a timer. But it’s well worth for me to let it run and just put new batteries in it. I love to watch them with it their tails go and you can see that they love it and it makes the happy and that’s all that matters to me. Keep up the good work and let make more happy toys for our fur baby’s. Ps I forgot to add I have a feral cat that I’ve had for three years and she even got out and actually played with it. Thank you. 😃

    Apr 15,2020

  • weirdogirl
    it's a win
    Obviously, it's a win for my boi Maxx a great realitively inexpensive way he can burn off excess energy when I'm to lazy to interact myself lol. This toy is realitively well made I've tripped over it and the balls gone rolling. What I like about it is it has an automatic shut off 10 minutes and three speeds. What I don't like is the ball doesn't have the same feature. So it will stay on after the base stops rotating so keep that in mind. It being battery powered isn't a deal breaker and it is realitively cheaper than being rechargeable it just would have been a nice touch and wouldn't mind paying a little more for such an upgrade. Still using the same energizer batteries I put in a month ago. Other wise happy with my purchase

    May 25,2020

  • Courtney Hennessee
    Cat approved!
    My cat loves this lasor! It's a lot quieter than I thought it would be as well!. Athena (my cat) loves laser toys but sometimes she wants to play when I'm busy working so I bought this for her to play with when I cannot play. I also love the fact that I can join in playing by taking the ball off and making her chase it that way! It's super easy to use and there is a magnet helping keep the two parts together so I do not have to worry about her knocking it off so easy. (Though watching her chase it would be a blast to of she did)

    Apr 17,2020

  • Meredith
    Entertains my cats for hours!
    I have 5 cats and they all love to chase the red dot. My thumb gets tired quickly pushing the button the manual lasers so they don't get to play as long or often as they would like. I saw this and knew I had to give it a try. It is very easy to use and set up. All 5 of my cats love it, although it did take one of them a little bit to warm up to it as it does make a small noise that scared him. They played for well over an hour the first time I turned it on. They really wore themselves out and had fun. I leave it on the floor near their toy basket and when one kitty wants it on, she will go sit by it until I turn it on for her. Definitely well worth the money!

    May 22,2020

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