SUNWALK 5.5W 5V Painel de Carregamento Solar de Silício Monocristalino
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SUNWALK 5.5W 5V Painel de Carregamento Solar de Silício Monocristalino

- PRETO 201287601

com Porta USB Fêmea, Painel Solar Portátil para Viagens
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Principais Características:
Painel solar de silício monocristalino universal de 5,5W 5V
Banco de energia portátil prático para viagens ao ar livre, acampamento, ciclismo, etc.
Proteção ambiental, dconservação de energia
Com porta de saída USB, apropriada para celulares, MP3, MP4, etc.



Tipo: Carregadores solares
Connection Type: Uma interface de saída USB
Cor: Preto
Material: PC,Silício


Power: 5.5W

Dimensão e Peso

Peso do Produto: 0,139 kg
Peso do Pacote: 0,176 kg
Tamanho do Produto(L x W x H): 27,50 x 21,00 x 2,20 cm / 10,83 x 8,27 x 0,87 polegadas

Conteúdos do Pacote

Conteúdo do Pacote: 1x Painel Solar de Silício Monocristalino

SUNWALK 5.5W 5V Painel de Carregamento Solar de Silício Monocristalino- Black

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  • FAB
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Solar panel
    Para mi sorpresa este panel solar funciona muy decentemente.
    En dias nublados coge menos potencia pero si luce el sol la carga funciona estupendamente.
    Es ligero y facil de transportar, ocupa poco espacio en nuestra mochila.
    Conexiones usb normalizadas para optima compatibilidad.
    En resumen, por el precio, es un accesorio muy recomendable.
    To my surprise this solar panel works very decently.
    On cloudy days it takes less power but if the sun shines the load works great.
    It is light and easy to transport, it occupies little space in our backpack.
    Standardized USB connections for optimal compatibility.
    In summary, for the price, it is a highly recommended accessory.

    Sep 02,2018

  • KAMI
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    SUNWALK 5.5W 5V Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
    Relatively small size.
    Feels quite sturdily constructed, doesn't seem like it's going to break easily + has a bit of flexibility.
    Arrived in the period of rainy days, so I haven't tested it with direct sunlight yet, but during rain in the lightest spots it outputs 2.25W.
    Received it with what I would call "a signs of use", but they might be produced and carelessly thrown uncleaned on a pile. It was well-packaged and there were no signs of shipment damage on the package itself. Had to clean it right after its arrival and forgot to take shots of how dirty it was on both of its sides (it wasn't extremely bad, but it would definitely influence on the amount of received light = influence performance). I have immediately noticed that surface protection film had cuts on it, removed it and the surface itself had few not deep scratches on it, which can be easily spotted with a naked eye, but are a bit tricky to catch on the camera (see images #5 and #6).

    Corners are quite sharp and pointy, so I would recommend some minor modification of your choice, to reduce its sharpness, unless it will be stationary all the time or you're OK with cutting yourself/carrying bag/etc. at some point in time. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the other units scratched my unit, hence the reason why I mentioned the probability of manufacturer simply throwing them on a pile.

    USB cable attachment at the back of this unit has a descent amount of play to it, and it seems like it's directly soldered and covered in hot glue along with the back plate (I didn't want to pry it open and reglue it, so those are just my assumptions), on the sides of which you can see the excessive amount of glue (see image #7). This is not an issue for me, but I wouldn't be surprised if a "heavy duty" user could snap it off.

    Jun 25,2018

  • Emiel
    Sim (3) Cor: Black
    solar panel
    Im actually very impressed with this. It doesnt actually charge my iphone directly but it does charge a powerbank, which can charge your phone in return at the same time, so it does charge your phone, but through a powerbank. In full sun it gives 0,4A (check my video) and a wall outlet gives 1A, so almost half the speed of normal charging. Thats a great result for only 11 bucks.
    none, buy it

    Jun 26,2017

  • Tess
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Great value Great price Works very well
    i wasn't expecting much as the price was so low. This solar panel works really well! I bought two and will probably buy more. Where I live there is 360 days of sunshine so who wouldn't try this out? I have only had it for a few weeks but have used it many times. I took it with me to the beach and everyone was in awe and wanted one too! it really kept my devices from dying on me during the day. You will love it! Buy two (or more).
    It's not the best with my S7edge, but with my kids phones it works brilliantly. It charges my other devices (speakers, power bank, etc) very well.

    Aug 02,2018

  • Xina Trup
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Fornece energia em lugares sem acesso a nenhuma outra fonte.
    carrega a 5.5w que é quase a mesma coisa que um carregador em uma tomada comum.
    não é tão grande nem tão pequena facilitando o seu transporte.
    não só carrega o celular mais como outros dispositivos usb.
    é feito de um plastico aparentemente resistente.
    seu conector parece ser resistente .
    e tem um ótimo acabamento.
    nenhum me satisfez cumprindo minhas expectativas

    Apr 13,2017

  • солнечная панель
    Sim (1) Cor: Black
    солнечная панель 5.5 вата
    напряжение холостого хода 5.8 В. Под нагрузкой проседает до 4.7 , ток при этом 0.5 - 0.55 А, при нагреве панели ток падает до 0.44 А. мощность данной панели 2.5 Вт а не 5.5 как заявляет продавец. телефон заряжает не всегда, а вот повербанк заряжается без проблем. вещь рабочая, но для солнечной зарядки надо желательно две, три таких панелей, позже ещё возьму парочку
    указана не верная мощность

    Jun 25,2018

  • Robert
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    SUNWALK 5V Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Charger Panel
    For such a small solar panel it's a pretty good performance. I am
    For such a small solar panel it's a pretty good performance. I am

    Feb 02,2018

  • Ricardo
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Solar panel
    Works great, and has the usb cable already attatched, tried to connect directly to my smartphone and it can charge it, it takes a lot of time but works.
    Nothing to say about it. For this price its good.

    Aug 19,2017

  • JDavid
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Cumple su. Objetivo el cargador funciona decentemente, el tiempo de carga depende de las características de los aparatos en general es lento pero MUY útil, si ud es de las personas que tienen alguna actividad al aire libre as altamente recomendable y más utilizarlo en combo con una. Batería externa

    Oct 21,2018

  • Rui Ferreira
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    over rated
    cheap,simple to use,does somewhat what it says. good only if you consider the low price.
    nice toy for demonstrations,will be very slow to charge batteries.
    good package,fast shipping.
    best that i got was a peak 2.5W out of it. i live in south europe,it is summer and was mid day. it works but clearly overrated,i doubt that even in the Sahara desert would get 5.5W.

    Aug 11,2018

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