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  • Udale
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    Perfect gift for boys
    I bought this gun toy for my boyfriend. He loved it very much and gave me a sweet kiss after receiving it. It's cool to be sent as a gift. My boyfriend is a big boy with childlike innocence. Everytime we go shopping together, he will stay a long time in toy shops. Sooo I bought this cool gun toy for him. The quality looks better than what I've expected for the price range, the shipping fee is more than reasonable and the delivery has taken quite a short time. All in all I think I've got what is called a 'bang for the buck'. If there is a need, I will come to this site again.

    Aug 10,2019

  • Quantay
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    My son loves it
    Very cool gun toy! I bought the toy for my son. He have played when it arrived. The delivery is a little bit slow. Other than that small issue I’m very happy with the purchase. Very fun to play. My son DIY the toy by himself and he also asked his father and me to play it together with him. We all felt happy. It has a professional gun look and looks durable. I think it is a great value for the price. Very good product.

    May 10,2018

  • Ibniah
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    Easy to assemble
    The DIY gun toy is easy to assemble. Before I buy it, I'm afraid that my 10-year-old son could not assemble it by homself. In fact, after I bought it for him, he DIY the car toy by himslef easily.And he told me he really like this gun toy. Watch him have fun, I think the product is worth the money. I also want to buy a cool toy on this site for myself, HAHA!

    Apr 23,2019

  • Name
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    Very cool!! Do Fun
    I build a lot of Legos and it took 4 to 5 hours to build with brakes of course. IT is pretty big so don't get for someone under 6. IT works very good and had fast shipping.

    Aug 24,2019

  • J.O.
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    Der Zusammenbau ist an einigen Stellen herausvordernd aber machbar.Das "Laservisier" wird als roter LED Punkt simuliert.Kurzum ein tolles Gewehr was LEGO so niemals bauen wird.Super Artikel

    Oct 06,2019

  • Palmer
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    Looks durable
    I have received the toy a weeks ago. It looks durable. I am overall very satisfied with this purchase.

    Nov 10,2018

  • Zabrina
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    Great DIY gun toy
    I've always wanted to buy a DIY toy for my son.This gun toy can cultivate children's hand-on skills.

    May 11,2019

  • Lafayette
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    My brother love it
    My brother started showing interest in playing gun toy so I bought this one for him. Looks good.

    Jan 21,2019

  • Uland
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    Good product
    The gun toy looks great! It took a while to get here, but it was well worth the wait.

    Mar 15,2019

  • Hakeem
    Sim (0) Cor: Brown
    DIY toy, unlimited fun
    I searched the site to find this DIY toy. I think it can be cool and fun.

    Jun 09,2019