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  • Edd
    Solid secondary camera
    I bought 2 of these as a rear dash cams for myself and girlfriend to compliment It is ideal for a rear camera as it is really cheap and does a good record. There is no battery in it to keep the date so the wiring has a +,- and ignition enable. I didn't want it to be wired to my battery while the car was off so I connected the + to the ignition enable to my car ignition, it works well but obviously my videos are dated 1st January each time it powers up. Maybe I would look for one with a battery?

    There is a weird circular connector it uses (about 30cm long) which goes into a longer cable. I opened it up and it is just a 5V regulator and some electronics to power it on from your car 12V. It is permanently mounted in my car but you may want to consider a USB version if you move between cars a lot.

    Run for 3 months now without problems.
    The power led is quite bright so you might want to put a bit of tape over it or mount it out of sight in your rear window.

    The sticky foam is quite thin, this is good in some ways as it stops the video being shakey but my rear window is curved so it doesn't stick in the middle, not come off yet though!

    Nov 11,2016

  • Paparazzzo
    Great hidden car dvr
    Video quality is good. Looks like chipset is Novatek. Could be better on Ambarella, but it is still good.
    I really liked this small HIDDEN DVR. Installation is simple - I have connected video out of DVR to AUX video input on DVD and now I can see the records and configure the DVR easily.
    I would buy the same (without screen) but on Ambarella chipset.

    Aug 10,2016

  • A.K.
    Works ok
    I have it installed in my car probably for couple of years already. I do not check recordings regularly. But so far whenever I did that all recordings were in place and looked quite well. It is quite discreet and power line is easy to attach to car's stereo plug.
    The quality of the image is not perfect and normally for car passing by You only get couple of frames with license plate readable. But You do get those frames after all. So quality is at least acceptable.
    The indicating LED is too bright but it was solved by one layer of isolation tape.

    Feb 09,2018

    Camera dvr c16
    Ótimo produto estou usando já a um tempo. produto aprovado. comprei duas unidades por se tratar de uma boa qualidade de construção e visual.
    a outra unidade instalei no meu outro carro.
    Estou muito satisfeito com o produto. gearbest esta de parabéns. ótimo atendimento muito rápido.
    atendentes muito educado. qualquer problema com produto eles resolvem 100% a favor do cliente.

    Oct 03,2018

  • Israel
    C16 1080P Full HD 3MP
    ótima qualidade apesar de ainda não ter instalado, mas vendo a do meu amigo dar se para notar um ótima qualidade de imagem.
    visão corresponde o esperado.
    Nada contra

    Mar 27,2018

  • Konstantinos
    C17 1080P Full HD 3MP Car DVR Recorder Camera
    Very good low budget dash cam.
    For a low budget dash cam, you should expect a normal quality of product.
    Very good low budget dash cam.
    For a low budget dash cam, you should expect a normal quality of product.

    Jan 22,2018

  • Tolga
    Ideal as second camera
    Reasonable price
    Small size
    Shooting quality
    Inadequate installation description

    Feb 13,2017

  • Ali ihsan
    fiyatına göre makul
    açıklamalar ile uyumlu. geri görüş kamerası olarak ta kullanılabiliyor. hem kayıt hem av çıkışı mevcut. fiyat makul gerçi ben 20 dolar à almıştım ya neyse
    tuşlar biraz dandik gibi. bir de bağlantı soketi direkt cihazın üstünde olsa daha iyi olabilirmiş

    May 28,2018

  • Alim Ihsan
    İş görür
    Gelen ürün Açıklamalar la uyumlu. 720p den 1080p ye sündürüyor. AV çıkışı var. Geri görüş kamerası olarak ta kullanılabilir. Arka cam için iadeal
    kablosu çok ince

    May 16,2018

  • Konstantinos
    C16 Dashboard camera
    Very useful product with decent video quality on this price!
    Nothing so far.

    Jun 11,2018