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  • Mikhail
    Sim (0) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: G9
    Nice but not to bright / Хорошая, но не сильно яркая.
    Was looking for replacement G9 lamps for my chandelier . So I ordered different lamps to test them. The following one is well built, has nice protection glass so you can wash it of dust, right emitting temperature, and not noticeable flickering. But for less than a dollar you can get another, more bright one without that protection glass. --- Искал замену G9 лампам в люстре, заказал несколько разных на пробу. Эта оказалась хорошо собрана, в удобном защитном футляре, так что можно протирать, так-же цветовая температура оказалась верной. Приятно что лампа почти не мерцает, это очень хорошо для глаз. Есть только одно но - меньше чем за доллар можно купить модель без этого защитного стекла, но ярче (выяснено проверкой, так по спецификации ничего не ясно).
    Price for that brightness. --- При такой яркости - цена.

    Jan 15,2016

  • sg
    Sim (0) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: E14
    guter Preis-Leistungs-Verhältniss
    die LED Leuchte habe ich als einen Teil einer grösseren Bestellung bekommen. Als Versand habe ich "germany express" gewählt und es kam innerhalb von 2 Wochen, unkompliziert über UK ohne Zoll und mit dpd geliefert. Die Leuchte war gut verpackt und sieht qualitativ aus. Ich habe sie bereits eingebaut und leuchtet so wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe. Schönes ausgeglichenes Warmweiss. Wahrscheinlich werde ich hier weitere bestellen.

    Jan 17,2016

  • J. Pak
    Sim (6) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: E14
    She wants the have the latest energy saving technologies but does not really know what to get, the light bulbs arrived quickly and in tact, I have installed many LED bulbs that do not dim or even work with the old dimmers and have installed the new expensive dimmer switches, but that was necessary with these bulbs

    Jul 16,2016

  • Gregg A. Reitmeister
    Sim (0) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: E14
    Good brightness level and appealing construction as they are visible in the chandelier, but I did take the manufacturer's suggestion to replace my dimmer switch with a Lutron model specifically designed to support dimmable LED lights, nice product that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend

    Aug 02,2017

  • Coffee4matt
    Sim (0) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: E14
    These bulbs are great, and the color is a nearly perfect match to the warmth of the incandescent lights we'd been so used to, a lot of LED bulbs are either a stark white which is fantastic for artists, etc. or a yellow color which doesn't really match the warm temperature of incandescent bulbs

    Jan 30,2018

  • Natasha G
    Sim (9) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: E14
    I installed these on Thanksgiving Day because my previous bulbs similar design got dimmer and dimmer to the point where they were like night lights, they are much brighter than my previous bulbs and look like real incandescents, my other bulbs looked similar but didn't last

    Nov 03,2017

  • Leonardo Rivera
    Sim (4) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: E14
    The product arrived in a beautiful well packed box, I experience one broken bulb and a second the flickered although no dimmer was used, I contacted the company and received a prompt replacement for these two light bulbs

    Nov 03,2017

  • yurkazb
    Sim (0) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: E27
    Good quality, soft lighting not cutting. Хорошее качество, мягкое не режущее освещения.
    During operation are not observed. За время эксплуатации не замечено.

    Nov 16,2015

    Sim (0) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: E14
    I am in love with these new light bulbs, regular bulbs were heating up too much and causing burn marks on my fabric shades, these bulbs give off a beautiful, but bright enough glow

    Apr 05,2017

  • Greg
    Sim (0) Cor: Warm White Light Dimensão: E27
    ok product
    nice price good quality value for money nice size
    not so bright

    Mar 17,2016