Bota Masculina Versátil Casual Padrão Camuflagem
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Bota Masculina Versátil Casual Padrão Camuflagem


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Sapato funcional de estilo híbrido no padrão de camuflagem otimizado para ocasiões ao ar livre e atividades táticas. Estrutura única de malha e couro de microfibra oferecem incríveis respirações, suavidades e propriedades de secagem rápida.

• Material superior: couro de microfibra
• Material de revestimento: malha
• Material de sola: borracha


Informações Gerais

Tipo: Chuteiras
Materials: Malha
Occasion: Diariamente,Feriado,Equitação,Corrida,Compras,Esportes
Seasons: Outono,Primavera
Estilo: Casual,Confortável,moda,Lazer,Moderno
Closure Type: Lace-Up
Outsole Material: Borracha
Toe Shape: Dedo do pé redondo
Upper Material: Couro de microfibra
Função: Slip Resistant
Lining Material: Mesh

Dimensões e Peso

Package Size ( L x W x H ): 31.00 x 21.00 x 11.00 cm / 12.2 x 8.27 x 4.33 polegadas

Lista de Embalagem

Contents: 1 x Par de Sapato, 1 x Caixa
  • Tabela de Tamanho
  • polegadas
  • Centímetros
EU US Foot Length
15 2 .in 9 .in
15 2 .in 9 .in
16 3 .in 9 .in
16 3 .in 10 .in
16 3 .in 10 .in
17 3 .in 10 .in
EU US Foot Length
39 7 .cm 24.5 .cm
40 7.5 .cm 25 .cm
41 8 .cm 25.5 .cm
42 8.5 .cm 26 .cm
43 9 .cm 26.5 .cm
44 9.5 .cm 27 .cm

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  • Katherine Forbes
    The best pair of shoes I've ever owned, From wearing various boots back when I was in the Marine Corps to wearing various style dress/business casual shoes currently and all types of sneakers and shoes in between, NONE of them compare to my first pair of Ariat boots, I can wear them for any occasion and while doing anything from going out on the town to hiking in the mountains and no matter what it feels as though my feet are wrapped in clouds ... If youve never worn a pair of boots or wear them everyday

    Oct 26,2017

  • Nick Marshall
    These boots are extremely comfortable around the ankle - lots of padding, It rubbed against the side and corner of my big and small toes, These are not good boots if you like a wide tow box where you have room to flex your toes, Even for larger sizes the tow box didn't fit for me, I typically don't have problems with the toe box of shoes not fitting, which were not quite as comfortable around the ankle but were a better fit for me personally, The boot has a different fit

    Jul 22,2018

  • Breanne Rushing
    I ordered half size smaller the my usual size and after just a few days of break in they fit fine are very comfortable, they have great support I could wear them all day.I really like the lacing system the boots open up wide enough to slip my foot right in and you can get a nice custom fit, unfortunately still cant wear shoes for very long until my ankle heals all the way but these thorogoods should help a lot when i can

    Jun 04,2018

  • ciaobella504
    functional boot for casual wear and I think I have found it, wide foot and most of the time I have to buy a size longer even in a wide to insure enough room, I took a chance and ordered my exact size in wide and to my pleasant surprise, these fit almost perfect ... perhaps a little tight, These boots are very comfortable and have better than average support, I tend to be hard on shoes so look for an update if these fall apart

    Dec 26,2017

  • Diane M. Smith
    They wear out quickly for me and the cheap shoes and boots start hurting my feet within a couple of weeks, was a different style, That was a record for me for a daily boot, The second pair I bought was this same boot, The leather on the top of the boot does need to be broken in a little, It may or may not slightly rub the top of your foot at first, I would recommend putting a good pair of GEL insoles in them

    Apr 30,2018

  • WyoTiger
    I've been looking for a new pair of dress boots for quite some time, I've got a flat foot, When I first saw the reviews for these boots I thought they were too good to be true, The boots really are great, And the soles are amazing, I've never had a pair of dress shoes or boots with better traction, I had to cut my inserts to one size bigger than my normal shoe length to have it go out to the tip of the boot

    Aug 10,2018

  • Jeffrey T. Watanabe
    he needs a solid pair of boots, same boot, so he settled for dark brown color, clean look, They're high quality, which are the two other brands he's had -LRB- and many pairs of them, but these are holding up great and I think he will get more wear out of these boots than he normally does, but come winter he goes with either a fiberglass toe or soft boot, so cold toes is a no-no, high quality

    Oct 29,2018

  • Braeden S.
    anyone knows how to make great hiking boots, They provide great airflow to my feet where my waterproof boots would have no ventilation, The mid height is perfect for ankle support and they are fast to lace up, great traction and flexibility for when I need to move quickly

    Apr 06,2018

  • Diane Pickell-Gore
    I wear thick socks, For the price you will be happy with these boots, With the other major boots manufactures going to China and making a poor quality product and still charge you top dollar, it is nice to find a place here in the U.S.A that is making a great boot at a good price

    May 15,2018

  • Doanie Q
    Great style, and initial comfort and quality, Half size too large, Great quality shoe, In my opinion it's not the greatest boot for a person of modest height, I say this because the heel is fairly bigger than the other boots that I've owned from Clarks

    Sep 10,2018

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Seja o PRIMEIRO para fazer uma pergunta. Quer Pontos GB? Basta escrever um comentario!

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