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  • Charlie
    Clear and beautiful
    I have to say, this is the best warning light I have bought, and it has provided me with great help in driving safely. For this price, the quality of this lamp is very good and works well. Waterproof shell, long service life. Clear and beautiful. Very satisfied shopping, you will never regret buying it

    Aug 14,2020

  • Robin
    make driving safer
    It is also very convenient to use, magnetic, fast response, very good night brightness, not affect the opening and closing of the door, and then the light will be on when the door is opened, making driving safer, recommend to friends in need

    Nov 13,2020

  • Phoebe
    installation simple
    The flashing is really obvious at night, it is very useful as a reminder, and the installation is also very simple. The adhesive behind it is very sticky, making it safer when driving

    Oct 26,2020

  • Taylor
    exquisite workmanship
    Small and simple, exquisite workmanship, simple installation, convenient use, sensitive response, soft lighting and not dazzling, especially good at night

    Oct 03,2020

  • Johnson
    Very bright
    6 LED lights, very bright, good performance, large illumination angle, can remind others to the greatest extent, I love it

    Oct 13,2020

  • Bruce
    Amazing flashing mode
    I really like the flashing mode, the warning is more eye-catching, so that I drive safer, thanks!

    Nov 22,2020

  • Elliot
    Good quality
    The quality is very good, the price is affordable.

    Sep 15,2020

  • George
    High quality product, especially for the price

    Oct 21,2020

  • Peter
    Durable, all functions work, good!

    Nov 01,2020