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  • Hila
    Gets the job done really well, a tiny bit smaller than i expected
    Searched for ages to get things just right for my college bag, after the last 2 tore apart.This one is sturdy, 2 compartments each with different pockets, and a well-cushioned sleeve for my 15" laptop (dell inspiron 15 for comparison).The bottle sleeves (on the side) are small, and the top part isn't rubber - it's faux-leather so it won't stretch, which means I can insert a 0.5L bottle only on one side (added pics). maybe sometime later i'll add my own rubber to fix it, because it has a lot of cloth that's ready to expand there, it just can't because of the faux-leather.The rectangle shape stands out between all the other bags, which is nice, and allows you to cram more stuff inside the bag when in an oval-top bag it wouldn't have fit.but, it makes the front compartment a bit weird, because it has tons of free space on the bottom that is a bit hard to reach if you filled the back compartment.Good product overall :)p.s. the pics have 1.5L (red cap) and 0.5L (white cap) bottles for size comparison

    Aug 03,2019

  • Dome
    Zaino Artic Hunter
    Ho acquistato questo prodotto perché ero alla ricerca di uno zaino versatile, capiente e resistente, che potesse essere usato in più situazioni (trasferte di lavoro, viaggi di piacere ecc.).Do il massimo della valutazione perché corrisponde perfettamente alla descrizione, ha un ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo ed è anche gradevole dal punto di vista estetico.Sono davvero soddisfatto di questo acquisto, che ho ricevuto in ufficio, e diversi miei colleghi, vedendolo, hanno espresso apprezzamenti e chiesto informazioni.Lo zaino è molto spazioso ed ha diverse tasche per vari oggetti, tra cui un pc da 15'' ben protetto da urti.E' incluso anche un cavo USB, a cui è possibile collegare un Power Bank, con attacco esterno per ricarica smartphone.Lo consiglio assolutamente.

    Dec 13,2018

  • Andrea
    ARCTIC HUNTER B00120 Zaino Impermeabile Casual - NERO
    Prodotto arrivato prima del previsto. Corrisponde alle immagini.Tessuto impermeabile. Buona la qualità delle cerniere e dei manici. Molto spazioso, diverse tasche per vari oggetti e vano principale che contiene tranquillamente notebook 15" (ben protetto da urti) ed anche possibilità di mettere indumenti per brevi viaggi.Incluso cavo USB (per collegare power bank) con attacco esterno per ricarica smartphone. Piccola fessura per cuffie.Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo. Assolutamente soddisfatto.

    Oct 27,2018

  • Alex
    A great Backpack !
    I have been searching a nice backpack for weeks. At first, I wasn't even very sure that I should order this one. But, after I received it and saw all the pockets and zippers were, I was so happy!!!! Although it seems that there are three zippers in the front and two on the sides: inside of the backpack there are 4 pockets and organizers and a back laptop compartment. This backpack is definitely one of the best backpack that I have ever had and I strongly recommended to anyone!!

    Dec 13,2018

  • Alex
    Worth Every dolar !
    I was afraid this backpack wouldn't hold enough. I travel and carry a laptop, Ipad and other misc items.I wanted this backpack to be compact but also substantial enough to hold all my goodies. This bag met the challenge.It is stylish and the material is very durable: the zipper are made by high quality and the material texture is waterproof. You look good carrying it !!

    Dec 13,2018

  • Yuri
    Рюкзак для путешествий
    Рюкзак сделан из добротных материалов, вызывает доверие. Есть поддержка для спины, множество отделений и демферная прокладка для ноутбука (см на фото) Также есть переходник для подключения повер-банка. Молния защищена от дождя.

    Dec 24,2018

  • Diogo
    ARCTIC HUNTER B00120 Mochila Impermeável Casual
    Very well constructed backpack with waterproof Zippers.Several interior partitions allow you to store enough material.15.6 "laptop cushioned interior pouch.Side outputs for headphones and USB charger.Strap and back cushions make it very comfortable.In dark blue draws much attention.It is at the level of the most expensive backpacks and the big brands.

    Oct 27,2018

  • Vasilisdmr
    What you see is what you get
    It is a very nice and comfortable for the back, backpack!Nice zippers that won't let the water pass through, and hight fabric quality!Indeed a value for money choice! I would highly recommend!

    Jan 03,2019

  • Hugo Monteiro
    the backpack is very nice!very good quality material!lots of storage space!very comfortable!I love it!very good ratio quality-price

    Jan 22,2019

  • Excellent!
    Very nice backpag
    Well constructed, ships fats. I get as I've seen. ThanksWell constructed, ships fats. I get as I've seen. ThanksWell constructed, ships fats. I get as I've seen. ThanksWell constructed, ships fats. I get as I've seen. ThanksWell constructed, ships fats. I get as I've seen. ThanksWell constructed, ships fats. I get as I've seen. ThanksWell constructed, ships fats. I get as I've seen. Thanks

    Jul 13,2019