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  • Johnson
    Great product
    I love this humidifier! I bought this one for the living room. So glad I spent the extra money. This one makes absolutely no noise at all! The capacity on this thing is huge which is great because I only have to fill it every couple of days. The LED indicator light is very thoughtfully designed and a nice added feature.

    Dec 10,2020

  • Min
    Worth buying
    Now that the air here has gotten very dry in the fall and winter. I need the room to be at a level of moisture that is comfortable for sleeping. If you are looking to upgrade from your old humidifier I recommend this unit, you can adjust the intensity and it lasts for quite a while before you have to refill it again.

    Nov 18,2020

  • Celine
    Amazing Product
    It’s a great humidifier that does everything it was intended to do. The tank is huge! Even on Max power, which is a strong mist, this humidifier still lasts for hours. So quiet the baby is sleeping right by it! It is easy to clean and the tank doesn't get slimy if you don't clean it daily, once a week works great.

    Oct 24,2020

    I’ve been using it constantly for about a week and have had no problems.

    Nov 24,2020

  • Maria
    They are nearly silent. We don’t hear them running at all.

    Dec 19,2020

  • Susan
    Not bad
    I have three of these, and they are very good humidifiers.

    Jan 01,2021