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  • Anthony J
    Great value for its total space
    The bag could eat anything you throw at it. 17" Laptop? Goes right in. Clothes? You can stack as much as you want in there.

    This bag is really deep, I could fit my whole arm in there (for an 1m80 man, I was quite impressed). At that price I got bags that were 10 times smaller.

    The pockets on the side and front can be removed if you want them off, or need them but not the whole bag, which is very very nice.

    The camo is really nice to the eye, and yet not too "flashy". It's classy while staying sober.

    The clip on the front is a really nice touch. When using a bicycle, it helps keeping it close to you, and lets you travel without any worries.lmù
    There are some defaults in the seams of the bag. Had to tie some knots with the seams before starting to open it.

    So. Many. Clips. Before opening the first pocket, you have to remove at least 4 clips! It can be more of a pro than a con for some, since the bag won't open easily that way, but for those who are using it to transport things like laptops for work or studies, it's more of a bother and a waste of time than anything.

    Jan 07,2016

  • Helbo Olivier
    Sac à dos militaire
    Je devais avoir un sac de plus grande capacité, c'est chose faite avec celui ci. Il est de très bonne qualité et solide, les tirettes doubles sont nickel,de plus un rabat les protège de la pluie, poussière... Une grande poche centrale permet de mettre un maximum de choses de plus l'ouverture est totale, question de facilité, sur le devant une autre poche un peu plus petite. 4 passants sont là afin de serrer le tout. Des molle sont sur la totalité du sac, vraiment pratique pour rajouter des accessoires. 2 pochettes sont sur le côté ainsi qu'une frontale qui sert également comme petit sac fourre-tout. À l'usage le sac se révèle léger et très confortable. Sans être trop volumineux on peut ranger un maximum de choses. Vraiment pas déçu de cet achat. À conseiller!!!

    Aug 07,2018

  • Gwennael
    Sac de qualité militaire pour le prix d'un sac cheap
    Ce sac est chargé à 10kg en capacité de bivouac. Je met dedans : un tapis de sol autogonflant, un sac de couchage, un réchaud à alcool avec la popotte, des condiments, etc. , une serviette, 2 x 0.8l nalgene, une grosse trousse de secours pour les gros objets. après je stock aussi plein d'autres choses sur les passants MOLLE, et une tente en bas du sac. La saccoche du bas passe en devant pour équilibrer et embarque aussi 2kg de matériels : telephone carte etc. super sac !!!

    Jun 26,2018

  • edmacm
    This is a great bag, It looks to be well sewn and is of durable material. There is plenty of space in the main bag. the side pouches are removable ,as is the rear pack. the rear pack can be worn with a belt or shoulder strap, or both making it very handy indeed for a short hike. there is also plenty of molle to cary extra stuff.
    The waist straps could be a bit longer and made of stiffer material.

    Sep 28,2016

  • Paco
    Perfect for work
    water resist, a lot of space i mean its a big backpack, i want it for my laptop and tools for work, i put all of them in this one and its just the 50% of the space my last back pack was full with the same and i can unplug the modules and mount it in my tools belt :D :D

    Nov 10,2016

  • Fabio Müller
    Review of 60L Tactical Combination Type Backpack
    Prety good material and finish
    Very resistent
    Many options of pockets
    Good quality of zipers and stripes
    Back padding a little thin

    Oct 11,2017

  • ili
    i am very impressed
    The bag is huge and sturdy. worth the price.
    The pockets on the side and front can be removed if you want them off
    I bought beige color. 14 days shipping to Germany
    plastic clips. metal would be better

    Apr 01,2018

  • Vladimir
    60L Tactical Backpack
    Хорошее качество изготовления, большой объем, 3 подсумки, 2 основных отделения.
    Особых нет

    Jan 23,2018

  • Michael E. Lucero
    Awesome Backpack
    This is a great backpack, with many pockets and compartments to store a variety of things you may want to carry with you on your trips. The pack is well made, and will get lots of use.....

    Aug 19,2016

  • Luis Octávio Reis
    60L Tactical Backpack
    Very top of this trouser's backpack ... It has many compartments to put clothes or even other things.
    Nothing to say.

    Jan 13,2017