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Impressão educacional 3D do Desktop da máquina de impressão da impressora de Tronxy X1 3D com 150x150x150mm
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Impressão educacional 3D do Desktop da máquina de impressão da impressora de Tronxy X1 3D com 150x150x150mm

- X1

4.88 8 Comentários do cliente | Consulte a descrição inglesa
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Tamanho da embalagem (L x L x A)
Pesos De Pacote
conteúdo do pacote
Chave fim de curso , Chave de fenda , Hex. Chaves adapter Adaptador 12V 5A board Placa de fibra de vidro Frame Estrutura base (acrílica) jack Tomada de força DC , Chave de fenda cruzada , Grampos da pasta , Estrutura da cama (acrílica) , Placa de impressão (acrílica) plate Placa superior da caixa eletrônica (acrílico) , Placa traseira da caixa eletrônica (acrílico) plate Placa frontal da caixa eletrônica (acrílico) plate Placa lateral da caixa eletrônica (acrílico) reader Leitor de cartão e cartão SD Micaro mount Suporte para motor X (acrílico) br Suporte extrudado , Fios do motor , Placa inferior da caixa eletrônica (acrílico) , LCD cabo seat assento do motor Z cable cabo USB kits kits de parafusos , pequenos kits de acrílico , motor do eixo Z (com acoplamento) , extrusora (montada) kits kits de extrusão , kits de polias de correia , kits de polias de correia , display LCD (montado) Rod varão roscado axis eixo X Motores do eixo Y (com polia) , Punho , Cabo de alimentação board Placa principal profiles Perfis de alumínio 2020 , Perfis de alumínio 2040 , Perfis de alumínio 2040 profiles Perfis de alumínio 2040 Profile Perfil de alumínio 2020 , Motor de extrusão (com engrenagem)
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Comentários do cliente

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  • Regan
    Little bit of 'TLC' and its Amazing
    So I did extensive research on this printer before I had bought this printer. I had expected to buy a printer that would require a lot of work to get a half-decent print. but I was so surprised when I put it together and it was all looking good, not great, yet. That is where the 'TLC' comes in to truly make this printer great I suggest you print a few mandatory upgrades in my opinion.

    Upgrades you should do first is:
    1.) A part fan cooler (mandatory) Find one that you like on
    2.) X and Y-axis belt tensioners (mandatory) This will greatly
    improve print accuracy and quality. I used these ones;
    https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2502801 (they work
    really well)

    After these upgrades were printed I had great success with my printing from there on out. But not to say there were no issues.

    1.)The Extruder plate lifts up on the one side due to there
    only being one screw to secure it to the motor.
    2.) The build plate clips are annoying and get in the way of
    some of the bigger printer especially with a part cooling
    1.) Print quality is exceptional for the price (See
    2.) Build quality is good and a compact design.
    3.) Prints are quite accurate
    4.) Once your settings are dialed in you can print all day
    with ease got it hooked up with octoprint.

    All in all, I think this is a good printer to get for yourself if you have some knowledge and understanding on how it works, I was very pleased with delivery time and great response from the seller.

    Nov 28,2019

  • Jimmo
    Great little printer
    Like the title says! I assembled with my 7yo during the day and was printing by the afternoon. After reading everyones experience i was ready to print bed mounts and whatnot to fix wobbly parts, but i didn't need to. This printer is totally solid! No wobble at all, everything is tight and no bed wabble or lose fits.
    The only 2 issues we had was loading filament through the feeder, it wouldn't go through to the other side of the feeder wheel. I founds it looks like an alignment issue, and adjusting the 2 parts of the squeeze grabber helped a lot. The only other issue was the filement we received with the kits, lots of little bits from a couple inches to a foot! Why? I dont understand!! However, there were 2 lenghts long enough to use, and print the test part in the picture which came out awesome. I did have the Silocone boot on the extruder block, and nozel temp stayed solid all the way through the print, although i haven't used it without, but with it it looks like a really nice print. Rounded parts aren't perfectly round, but that because the belt has twists from packaging, and needs to be a bit tighter. A belt tensioner is next.
    All in all i think its a really great 1st printer, and will be using for quite a while to come.

    Sep 13,2019

  • Thomas
    Really worth the price
    This is my first adventure into 3D-printing so I was a bit skeptical if I'd be able to build it and get it to work, especially as this is a very inexpensive printer.
    Guess what... building was fairly easy, the documentation was quite good although could be a bit more detailed.
    Getting it to work was astoningsly easy, the calibration model that was included on the micro SD-card became perfect.
    I recommend using painters tape or similar on the bed and also glue if the part is small.
    Wooden filament was a bit tricky to get to print without clogging (mainly due to the filament itself), but when raising the temperature to 210 degrees it works fine.
    All in all, you'll get a lot for the few bucks spent!

    Oct 18,2019

  • Eric
    Starter 3d printer
    This printer arrived fast and in good condition. It wasn't too difficult to put together and once calibrated it produced some very good quality prints in PLA. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking at starting 3d printing.

    Oct 06,2019

  • Nathan Klassen
    Tronxy x1
    This was a very good buy I had some trouble getting it to print at first but it started working, it is missing 3 spacers but I fixed that with Lego Technic spacers the

    Oct 09,2019

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