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  • piccoloJerry
    campanello davvero smart
    Ero scettico dal punto di vista della effettiva funzionalità.
    Mi sono completamente ricreduto, è davvero utile anche se potrebbe sembrare un giocattolo.
    I rilevamenti sono precisi, anche se qualche volta salta.
    La qualità delle immagini è perfetta anche di notte il mio portone è perfettamente visibile.
    Tenendo premuto il tasto del campanello parte una vera e propria video chiamata.
    Io però avrei messo la funzionalità di decidere quanti secondi far durare la registrazione anche se fino a quando c'è un movimento davanti alla camera, lui registra sempre.
    la batteria dura parecchio. io personalmente ce l'ho da 15 giorni e mi dice ancora 60%
    Vi posso garantire che stando tutto il giorno fuori casa da una certa sicurezza vedere chi si avvicina alla porta.
    Nella confezione arriveranno due elementi distinti.
    il campanello vero e proprio e il ricevitore che va messo all'interno dell'appartamento che consente l'inserimento della micro sd.
    L'applicazione e ben tradotta anche se ci sono ancore delle scritte in cinese ma tutto sommato è facile ed intuitiva.
    Da non dimenticare che ha il riconoscimento dei volti, quindi se si memorizzano i nomi la notifica vi dirà anche il nome di chi è passato dalla porta.

    Dec 08,2019

  • HAardwareSense
    360 Video Doorbell - A Great Smart Doorbell
    So I have been using doorbell cameras for security for some time now and the last one I have is the Skybell camera, which to be honest I am not too impressed with, and this is how I decided to try this +360 Smart Video Doorbell and so far I am very pleased. The quality is great, the build in battery suppose to last 6 months, I will verify this hopefully in 6 months, the level of customization throught the app is very good as well and so far the sensitivity of detection is excellent. The added dismount alarm is great in case someone comes to take it or break it, the internal unit is loud and clear, it houses the additional SD card for video storage and it has 2 antennas that provide am excellent coverage. The only two minor negative sides are the size, which is a bit on the large side and the overexposed picture during a very bright day, which I am sure they can fix with future firmware updates. Overall, I can definitely recommend the 360 Video Doorbell, especially for the price, there are no real alternatives that offer the same quality and price.

    Sep 29,2019

  • John
    360 d819
    Quality product. Fast delivery to the Netherlands. Its working fantastic and alot of setting options in the app. Night vision is verry good quality in the dark.
    Fast notifications to mine and my wifes phone. In daylight good colours en cristal clear video immage. Sound is also adjustable for the doorbel itself en the indoor basestation, loud enough. You can choose from different sounds to fit your needs. Voice communication is verry good and understandable for ringer and home owner. The option to view the livescreen is awesome. Water resistants is good it has rained for a few days with no problems for viewing quality and functionality. I am verry happy with this purchase and alot cheaper but with the same sturdy build and options like way more expensive doorbells. The battery life is still good after a few days of usage, but have to see how it lasts overtime. The free 48 hours cloud service is perfect,until now the 2days storage is perfect. Me and my wife are verry happy with this purchase and we feel more comfortable and informed when we are not at home.
    Good deal!

    Jan 09,2020

  • Harriet
    Operation use: take pictures very clear, the situation at home can be clear, simple operation, not complicated. The portrait is very clear!Range is wider!
    Function design: someone appears, the response is very sensitive, can remind immediately! Added sense of security to the home! Always know what's going on at the door!
    Appearance style: the appearance is simple and generous, easy to install, paste is also more convenient! Paste is also very strong!
    Other features: wireless connection, easy to operate, video clear and responsive! At any time to understand the situation at home! Convenient for home use!Full of sense of technology! I won't be scared at home.

    Sep 23,2019

  • Larissa
    Long Standby
    The collocation of black and white colors is very beautiful and atmospheric, and the function is also very powerful. As it is the principle of mobile recording, it avoids taking many unnecessary pictures. Whenever someone passes by, it will start to work, which saves electricity and is efficient.Cloud disk stored two days of content is very practical, I have added a piece of memory card, double protection! Talk about battery, used a month to use about half of the electricity, there is charging function, this is very satisfactory! Recommended!

    Sep 23,2019

  • sean
    impressed with my new doorbell
    very impressed with my new video doorbell. it is powerful, it can be video, has an app, connects to the phone, it is very convenient to use. the installation was very easy and quick and the quality is quite good, the motion range is good and the picture is clear. the sound is also good on it. i have to praise it, because it seems to be just as good as my parents ring. i am comfortable trusting this doorbell to deter people from stealing them. i also trust the video to be able to see clearly. i am very satisfied with such a good product with reasonable price.

    Aug 14,2019

  • Velcro
    360 D819 AI Face Recognition WiFi Smart Video Doorbell
    I have a strong WIFI(mesh) but once in a while it disconnect. Plus, I need to recharge the battery every month. Not a big deal for me.It is very easy to remove, so I just do it at night & put in back early in the morning.
    one other thing, if you do not get a warning when someone ring the bell (my cell,is an Android Galaxy 8 plus) just disconnect the notification in the apps application & reconnect it.. this solve the issue. I do not take any chance, I do it every morning after I disconnect my phone from the charger. But for the rest it does work as described by the seller. My 3rd one from China but this one is definitely the best

    Mar 30,2020

  • Sebastian
    Love this smart doorbell!
    There’s many crimes happening around now, so I think a video doorbell is necessary. Since I don’t want to spend too much on that, I compared the different products/brands online. I found this one is in good price with pretty good quality. I gave it a try. It didn’t disappoint me. Simply just use your phone connected to the doorbell and you can see who’s in front of your door very clearly. The video is pretty clear! Not only that, you can talk to them too! Everything works as expected so far. I will recommend it.

    Aug 13,2019

  • Murray
    clear and easy installation
    I love love it! This thing is better then the ring. Resolution is good enough to serve it core purpose. It's easy to use and the picture is clear. On top of the fact that monitoring function are all great as described, it’s quite easy to install, basically most of us can do it by ourselves without paying extra for a technician. I really enjoy using this camera. If your looking for a good doorbell camera, get this one! It’s not a deal breaker, and it’s not expensive and I have spare one handy at home.

    Aug 15,2019

  • Karen
    Clear Image
    It was installed on arrival today and the video is very clear. Video is mainly clear, especially the night vision is very important, the perspective is very good, the function is also good, sometimes there is a delay is also the network relationship, the doorbell inside the house sound a little bit small, generally good. Because did not press the door mirror, knock to hear not to be able to hear, this presses very safe feeling after finishing, pretty good. Recommended!!!

    Sep 16,2019