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  • Salvo
    torcia telescopica
    Ottimo prodotto per illuminare zone in cui è difficile arrivare con lampade normali. La torcia allungabile raggiunge zone che difficilmente si potrebbero raggiungere con lanterne o lampade più semplici che si trovano in commercio. Inoltre possiede delle calamite nella parte posteriore e anteriore che permettono di attaccare la torcia. La torcia possiede due calamite sulla parte anteriore e posteriore che permettono di attaccarla su mensole metalliche, frigoriferi o sotto le auto per essere usate dai meccanici per controllare le auto etc.. Il problema della calamita posteriore sta nel fatto che questa non permette di attaccare in orizzontale la torcia..tipo alla parete del frigo...perché non riesce a tenere il peso della torcia stessa. Ma se si usa la calamita posteriore da attaccare sotto una mensola metallica in quel caso regge in verticale il peso della torcia. La calamita anteriore invece sulla parete verticale del frigo tiene bene la torcia perché è più larga circa le dimensioni.

    Comunque tutto sommato il prodotto è utile e interessante lo consiglio vivamente.

    Ringrazio inoltre gli amministratori del sito gearbest.com per avermi sostituito il prodotto con un altro in tempi brevi perché il primo era arrivato difettoso.

    Nov 20,2018

  • bigD
    Telescopic magnetic torch
    I bought this for my brother in law who is a mechanic. It has a clip to hang it from a pocket until it is needed. The torch obviously to help see in around the dark areas of the engine and the telescopic magnetic end to help retrieve any nuts or bolts that may have dropped down into any nooks or crannys. There is also a magnet at the opposite end so the torch could be attached to part of the car body or engine allowing hands free operation. A very ingenious product. A perfect gift in my opinion

    Sep 09,2018

  • João Gonçalves
    Sorry, but my knowledge about english isn't enough to write all my opinion about this product.

    Parece tratar-se um produto de boa qualidade, suficientemente robusto, versátil e de utilidade comprovada, uma vez que permite iluminar locais pouco acessíveis.
    Realço ainda a relação qualidade preço.
    Postos estes breves considerandos, recomendo a aquisição deste equipamento.

    Dec 24,2018

  • Vasile
    telescopic handle and flexible head
    Battery came included in the device, protected against accidental usage with an insulating pad. The head is quite flexible and the handle extends for a generous length, as you can see in the video. My unit is blue color, looks more alive than the black. The light is sufficient for dark places. Look at my video for a better view of the product.

    Jun 08,2019

  • Juan Carlos
    Ideal para un mecánico
    Es una linterna fantástica, la compré porque al ser telescópica y además poder doblarla para alumbrar sitios muy escondidos, como puede ser en un motor ya sea de coche o uno enorme de barco mercante, te ayuda a trabajar más seguro y cómodo. La único pero que le pongo es que no se pueda recargar por puerto USB tampoco alumbra mucho pero no hace falta para el cometido que tendrá. Buena compra. La recomiendo. Se me olvidaba, la parte trasera tiene un pequeño imán ideal para coger una tuerca o tornillo que se caiga.

    Sep 18,2019

  • Darrell Catmull
    This is a really great INDOOR household flashlight but a horrible OUTDOOR flashlight, outdoors in normal mode the only practical way to use it outdoors, biking or walking or working at night outdoors buy a proper flashlight which is in the higher price-range and will be much larger than this, this seems to be a high-quality construction flash light with an all-metal construction and nice weight to it, you will need three triple-A batteries per flashlight

    May 07,2017

    See round corners
    Happy with these magnetic torch especially at this value, the magnet is of impressive strength but don't get over zealous as picking up heavy metal objects it may, however, there is a limit.

    Behind radiators if it won't pick it up, you can still help flick an object out. For use in car engines the light alone is very useful at seeing where awkward nuts and bolts are.

    There are many uses that i haven't imagined of yet, but if just to keep at hand it's worth every penny.

    Jan 07,2019

  • offgotoff
    Nice and stirdy
    Nice telescopic and magnetic flash torch, ideal for mechanics and heavy duty workers.

    Telescopic rod is lengthy (about 50cm) and magnetized on both ends which makes it perfect for fetching the lost tools or bolts.

    Pretty solid materials used and lovely black color finish to make it look even cooler.
    Plastic is obviously not durable. Old 1.5v batteries won't help either.

    Jul 31,2018

    Es un buen articulo y es de muy fácil uso lo recomendaría mucho el único problema es que tiene una parte de metal oxidado y estaba cubierto con un papelito simulando el metal y aparte el producto viene sucio muy mal eso es por eso que le doy mi baja calificación.
    En cuestiones es una lámpara excelente solo que el producto está en malas condiciones,hay que cuidar la estética ya que la lámpara llegó sucia con polvo muy pegado y sobre eso espero que verifiquen sus productos antes de enviarlos o tenerlos a la venta.

    Jul 11,2018

  • Zilahi
    Multifunctional Flashlight
    I really like this flashlight. It does a lot more then many other lights. The extension part is great and then it also has the magnets on both ends. Really great item and the price is great as well. Lantern simply gorgeous to repair cars. magnetization if something had fallen.

    May 11,2018