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  • Barry L. Smith
    This tool certainly makes the process of cleaning my chain easy, It does not get my chain sparkling clean but it does remove all the dirt and grime buildup and even rust, After running my chain through the tool a few hundred times, I run my fingers over the chain it comes away completely clean, I have noticed that every single time I run my chain through the tool I am constantly finding loose bristles caught in the links, I like the design of the Park Tool Chain Cleaner but I think the Finish Line Chain Cleaner does a much better job of cleaning the chain and does not leave behind loose bristles

    Feb 16,2017

  • Gustavo
    amazing multytool for the price
    it way more things than other similar tools in the same price range, just unbeatable.
    I wish I could post a review longer down the road, to see how it holds up but It seems to be of good quality, with this one you will never get stranded by not having a tool you need.
    I wish I could have used points but 5 euros is amazing.

    Jul 31,2019

  • Lindsay Oyler-Ickler
    Every single bicycle owner needs one of these, I think the main reason people don't clean their chain enough is because it's messy and intimidating, This tool makes it so quick and easy, My chain was black and gunky because I was procrastinating on cleaning it, and after two consecutive treatments with this the chain was sparkling and looked like new, Cleaning my bicycle chain has never been so exciting

    Apr 09,2017

  • Beatertech
    11 IN 1 great
    Good choice of bike tools, has just about everything needed for the bike.
    Small and compact make of aluminium so nothing can snap easily
    has a chain link removal tool thats pretty good.
    There are some better ones available on this website like the 15 in 1 with plastic edges.
    Needs to be tightened on the main screws holding it together, not sure why but if not tightened then they all become loose and move too easily.

    Jun 24,2016

  • Alexey
    Для экстренных ситуаций на выездах вполне подойдет.
    Необходимый минимум в компактных размерах, даже выжимка есть.
    Конструкция достаточно жесткая, не согнется при первом-же применении.
    Однако, сталь слабая. Термообработки нет. Для регулярного обслуживания,
    и для ремонта не подойдет. Быстро выйдет из строя

    Aug 17,2019

  • Feedback
    Chain cleaner works quite well at cleaning the chain, emptying and using a second time as recommended in the instructions uses most of the included bottle of cleaner so I will probably go with a different less expensive green cleaner in the future as referenced in other reviews of this item

    Aug 02,2017

  • Joeker
    This is a great product, I used the provided cleaner and this brush as well as a scrub brush and a rag to clean my bike, Wipe it all down and apply lubricant and my chain is like new, The cleaning brush was stiff enough to clean down the crankset from both sides without having to scrub with effort

    Jun 01,2018

  • Edison Lima
    Aparenta ter boa qualidade, ótimo custo beneficio.
    Aparenta ter boa qualidade, ótimo custo beneficio.
    Aparenta ter boa qualidade, ótimo custo beneficio.
    Nada Contra.

    May 14,2018

  • Lisa in Illinois
    I have found this tool and the cleaner to be exceptionally good at cleaning the chain with minimum mess, The brush is essentially to clean hard to reach places in the gear cogs.It is much better than anything else I have tried, Good product

    May 15,2018

  • NeoGabber
    11 in 1 Cycling Repair Tool
    11 in 1 Cycling Repair Tool
    material. ok
    11 in 1 Cycling Repair Tool
    calidad is medium

    Sep 06,2017