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  • RubenLinuxero
    R7S led blanco.
    Muy buena calidad, ya es la segunda compra que hago y muy contento con la compra.Los materiales son de buena calidad.Calidad-Precio perfectos.El cuerpo de silicona ayuda a que no se caliente al usarlo bastante tiempo.Gran iluminación.

    Dec 28,2018

  • RubenLinuxero
    R7S Led blanco frio.
    Tiene muy buena calidad, el cuerpo de la bombilla está echo de silicona termica lo que le ayuda a que no se estropee rápido y también evita que se caliente mucho, me falta probarla pero creo que a tener mucha luminosidad a pesar del tamaño reducido que tiene, contento con la compra.

    Dec 11,2018

  • S D
    Nice product
    Nice product, working as expected, even if it is bigger than the one it replaces. Provides almost the same light intensity, overall it fits the expected purpose

    Sep 29,2018

  • Jason Nicol
    Works well, uses much less power than the quartz halogen it replaced, great value for money since comparable ones in Australia cost 10 times as much
    Not quite as bright as the quartz halogen it replaced but it's less than one tenth of the wattage so who cares

    Nov 28,2017

  • Domingues
    Good Product
    I use these lamps to replace old ones, with a much higher consumption.The luminosity is a little lower, but it serves the purpose very well.

    Nov 14,2018

  • Richard
    Great price
    Good build quality Nice warm white not too wide to fit under R7s glass bulb protector / Shield
    Not as bright as i would have liked, seems to be equivalent to 40w incandescent

    Jan 08,2018

  • Silvester
    I received the item , I wait a while but I received it.
    Unfortunately I didn't received right color. I wanted natural white, but received cool white.

    Sep 26,2017

  • Fabio
    Buon prodotto buona qualità perfetto per cambiare con quella alogena.
    Non fa la stessa luce di quella alogena

    Nov 22,2017

  • Rudi
    Qualität nicht die beste
    Funktioniert zwar, aber nicht ganz wie sie soll. Dennoch in Ordnung für den Preis.
    Nicht ganz ok.

    May 29,2018