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  • Patniche
    These might be my favorite strings now for low tunings, playing in C standard or D and they feel great with no slack.have them on my cheap Ibanez and I have been playing it more than my dime'o flame so its time I got another two sets to put on my higher end guitars

    Mar 31,2018

  • Magpie
    Very good strings for beginners, the heavier the strings you should get, lighter strings have a better sound for single notes and heavier strings are for chords and stuff like that

    Feb 26,2018

  • Bob VM
    It's hard not to at least like these strings, but I like to keep fresh strings on my guitars, and these are economical and quality

    Dec 05,2017

  • M. M.
    You love to jam and want a string with a good soft feel to it and consistent tuning then you need to try a pack of these

    Sep 27,2018

  • happy trails
    Decent strings for the price, but for the price it's good enough

    Jul 03,2018

  • Frances
    Sounds way better than the previous strings he was using

    Feb 06,2018

  • Jordan T Steed
    These are the perfect blend in string gauge

    Oct 24,2017

  • Deniz Yalmaz
    Keep Up The Good Work Sterling

    Jun 01,2018

  • Brenda R. Carpenter
    Great price as well

    Sep 01,2018